Manson’s Carcrash Newsnight Interview

Jenny Manson has stated that she only declares she is Jewish in order to supposedly turbocharge her demonisation of Israel in the eyes of the unknowing world.

This was part of Kirsty Wark’s interview of Jenny Manson of JVL in BBC2 Newsnight 17 November, after Corbyn had been readmitted to Labour:

KW: Why couldn’t Jeremy Corbyn simply apologise for what he said when the EHRC Report was published??

JM: He did not reject the findings of the EHRC Report.

KW: He said accusations of antisemitism in the Party have been dramatically exaggerated…..  I’m asking you that straightforward question.

JM: Because ….. many of us know that these claims HAVE been exaggerated. I’m Jewish too. There’s a lot of talk about the Jewish Community just now and how offended they are, and how Kier is very worried about them … nobody seems to remember that there are about 250,000 or 300,000 Jews in this country …. A very large number of ours ..

KW: Make your point about the numbers

JM: There is many, many Jewish Communities and they are not all upset about Jeremy being back in the Labour Party – An awful lot of us are very happy that he is back in the Party and a lot of us would say – like he said – that the allegations were over-exaggerated partly by the media so the figure he mentioned … in a book called ‘Bad News for Labour’ they discovered that people out there think that 30% of Labour Party members have been investigated…… the actual figures are something like 0.00 … can I also say that many of those allegations according to the EHRC were not correct.

KW: You talk about many Jewish people are behind Jeremy Corbyn. 84% of the British Jewish Community believe there’s a specific threat to British Jews according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s yearly study …. That is a substantial number ….. You know that the British Board of Jewish Deputies [JM: I don’t know which figure…] overwhelmingly think that this is a retrograde step and you don’t represent them!

JM:  About 10-20 years ago Jews stopped voting Labour … so there’s a considerable feeling about 80% of people don’t …… Secular Jews often don’t get invited to these surveys as they are not even registered. … All I can tell you is that the Charedi community, it does not feel like that, secular Jews don’t feel like that …

KW: You cannot lump all secular Jews like that, as if you know homogeneity of that group …

JM I’m not lumping any more than anyone else is …

Manson claimed to know that all Charedi Jews and all secular Jews support Corbyn. That is utter nonsense and a downright lie. There are many non-observant Jews who are repulsed by Corbyn’s antisemitism and the hatred that he unleashed in Labour – and many Charedi Jews likewise.

And like Corbyn, Manson quoted the statistically questionable 30% figure from ‘Bad News for Labour’.

And to claim that complaints of antisemitism ‘have been exaggerated’ is a criminal offence of harassment, as set out in the EHRC’s investigation of antisemitism in Labour (p27):

How telling that Manson was best Corbyn-supporting Jew that the Newsnight researchers could rustle up!


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