Corbyn grossly misrepresented antisemitism poll in his response to EHRC

In a Channel 4 interview on Thursday, after the EHRC report was published, Corbyn said

“The public perception in an opinion poll last year was that one third of all Labour Party members were somehow or other under suspicion of antisemitism. The reality is that it was 0.3% of Party members had a case against them which had to be put through the process”.

The ‘one third’ figure is from a poll for the book Bad News for Labour: Antisemitism, the Party and Public Belief. I blogged about that book and the poll here.

Here is what I wrote:

First 29% – nearly one-third – of respondents said that they didn’t know what percentage of Labour members had accusations of antisemitism made against them. Second, it is well known (Statistics #101) that outliers drive a wedge between the mean of a distribution and the mode. The mode of this distribution is just 0-9%, well below the mean of 33% (on my calculation).