The barbaric beheading of Samuel Paty

David Collier has written about how this horrific murder was premeditated and organised by Islamists.

Jerry Gordon is Producer and co-host of Israel News Talk Radio – Beyond the Matrix and is a senior editor at the New English Review. He has posted this important interview about the murder with Nidra Poller. She is is a long term American expat in Paris, writer translator, journalist and author.

It is a long interview so I will summarise the points of note, to add to the information in David’s blog.

All teachers in France are required to give lessons in Civics including Freedom of Speech.

The 13 year old whose father complained after Samuel Paty showed the cartoons to his class was not even in the class when it happened – she had been expelled for bad behaviour and absenteeism. The father said that Paty asked Muslim children to leave the classroom and that his daughter refused. Two lies: One, she was not even in the classroom (having been expelled), two, Paty said that Muslim children could leave if they wished to – he did NOT ask them to leave.

The father – a fulltime extremist agitator – started a campaign against Paty, with the help of an even bigger agitator, Abdelhakim Sefrioui (Ms Poller calls him Mohammed Sefrioui) (as David notes). Sefrioui was also part of Dieudonné’s campaign office in 2006.  Dieudonné is a vile antisemitic “comedian”.

In 2009, Sefrioui tried to intimidate the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, after his remarks calling for friendship with the Jewish Community.

In 2010, he violently opposed the Imam of Drancy, Hassen Chalghoumi, who was close to the Jewish community and who had just approved a law limiting the wearing of the full veil. The following year, Chalghoumi was placed under police protection after threats made by Sefrioui and his supporters.

Ms Poller says that In 2014 Sefroui was one of the organisers of the antisemitic riots against Jews in Sarcelles close to Paris.

Paty went to the police to complain about defamation by the father.

Gérald Darmanin the new Muslim Interior Minister is well-placed to tackle Islamism as his family has Algerian roots. His father and grandfather took the side of France during the Algerian Revolution (1954-1962).

(Correction: Darminin, is Catholic, not Muslim. His maternal grandfather, Moussa Ouakid, was a brave, handsome, French Muslim patriot born in Algeria, who fought with the French Résistance in 1944 and remained loyal to France during the Algerian liberation war).

Ms Poller says that the murder is a definitive moment in the defence against Jihad and Islamism in France. 80 people who expressed support for the murderer on social media are having their homes searched.