Labour’s Campaign Group: Anti-Israel, ambivalent on Chinese atrocities and fighting terrorism

The Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill passed through the House of Commons this week.  The bill authorises undercover agents and informants to commit crimes as part of their work.  Every foiled terrorism plot in recent years has involved some kind of covert intelligence – such as this plan to bomb Downing Street or this plot to bomb synagogues.

The bill does not authorise new activity, it simply puts existing practice on a clear and consistent statutory footing. It is necessary to stop ‘human rights’ lawyers from obstructing the combating of terrorism and other offences. Covert activity will have to be reviewed by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner.

However  34 Labour Campaign Group MPs, plus suspended Claudia Webbe, defied the whip to abstain on the bill.  Jeremy Corbyn was one. In the debate on the bill he claimed “The proceedings on this Bill today are an absolute travesty of parliamentary accountability”.

Let’s look at the recent record of the 35 …….

  • All the 21 Labour MPs (bar Webbe) who signed the Campaign Group’s letter demanding sanctions on Israel if sovereignty was extended into Judea/Samaria also voted against this bill;
  • 14 (plus Webbe) of the 35 signed the CAABU letter also demanding sanctions if sovereignty was extended;
  • 27 of the 35 failed to sign Ann McDonagh MP’s letter to the Chinese Ambassador expressing outrage about China’s attempt at ethnic cleansing of the Uighur Muslims.

Anti-Israel and ambivalent on Chinese atrocities and fighting terrorism …. Sir Keir Starmer sure has a long way to go to make Labour electable again.