Golden Alliance – led by Embassy of Israel – succeeds in making and delivering 1,000 meals to the needy in under 24 hours

Superlative Alert ….

Today (15 October) I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic initiative from the Israel Embassy in London. They partnered with the amazing City Harvest London (and here) and  the incredible Eran Tibi of Bala Baya restaurant to cook 1,000 mouth-watering meals for the needy in London.  They will have the meals for World Food Day tomorrow. As Eran explains, the meals are going to women’s shelters, children’s charities, community centres, the elderly, those in food poverty and soup kitchens for the homeless. 

Labels on the meals

The project got off to a  great start with an endorsement from the marvellous Dame Maureen (I did warn you about the superlatives … ). After a safety briefing from Eran we went into the kitchen at New City College to start preparing the meals. David Saunders (Gooner but nevertheless a nice guy) and I were on Pumpkin Duty, including one of meteorite size which almost scraped the ceiling.

Incredibly a handful of volunteers worked their socks off and managed to meet the absurdly ambitious 1,000 target by 5pm.

A few photos:

Amazingly all the food was donated to City Harvest, including food that had been over-ordered by supermarkets. COO Nikki Tadema (a former chef herself) was on hand to tell us about this brilliant Charity which incredibly delivers 170,000 meals each week.

We were fabulously hosted by Justin McNamara and the chefs and third year students at New City College, thank you so much. They all worked hard to make the day a success.

Above all, thank you to Vivi Aisen, Director of Public Diplomacy at the Embassy, who masterminded the project so imaginatively and efficiently.

Addendum: The Embassy has released a video


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