Reductio Ad Absurdum from Professor Alderman

Alderman Times July 2020
The Times today has published a ludicrous letter from Professor Geoffrey Alderman. There is no parallel whatsoever between Shamima Begum and a British Jew.

Begum can claim Bangladeshi citizenship through her mother. Unless their parents have an Israeli passport, a British Jew cannot claim an Israeli passport as of right. They may be able to apply through their Right of Return but that is entirely different.

And of course Begum volunteered to support a homicidal terrorist group utterly opposed to British values. Seeing beheaded heads in the rubbish bin bothered her no more than banana skins.

To suggest that a UK Prime Minister would attempt to deprive 290,000 Jews of citizenship belongs in the realm of academic idiocy, human rights lawyers and Philip Roth-style shockjock fiction (‘The Plot Against America’).


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