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A letter opposing application of Israeli law to part of Judea/Samaria has been sent to European leaders, signed by 1080 members of European Parliaments.

Dr Manfred Gerstenfeld – the emeritus Chair of the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs – has written about the hypocrisy of the letter here.

As Dr Gerstenfeld says, the country with the most Parliamentarians signing the letter is the UK, accounting for 23% of the signatories (245). Of the British signatories, 43% (106) are from the Upper Chamber, the House of Lords, leaving 57% (139) from MPs in the House of Commons.  139 equates to 21% of the total of 650 MPs.

The breakdown of the MPs by Party is as follows:

euro mps july 2020

The Scottish Nationalist Party is sympathetic to the Palestinians because it sees them (wrongly) as an oppressed People under the yoke of a colonial power and therefore it identifies with them.

Notably among the UK signatories:

  • 6 of the 7 Irish Sinn Fein MPs signed, despite not taking their seats in the House of Commons;
  • Dr Gerstenfeld rightly expresses surprise that Lord Michael Howard signed. Equally if not more surprising is the signature of Margaret Hodge.  She is Jewish (“Jeremy Corbyn made me Jewish”) and was one of the most outspoken Labour MPs about Corbyn’s antisemitism.  Yet here she is signing this letter (and before that the CAABU letter) alongside many with a very poor record on antisemitism.
  • Despite the long and painful history of Christian antisemitism, the letter was signed by 5 Bishops of the Church of England (The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, the Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester and 21 other Bishops sit in the House of Lords). Mark Pickles writes of ‘the whining bishops of the Church of England, having revived the tradition of self-flagellation into a kind of intellectual onanism‘.
  • A notable absentee was Jenny Tonge. No question that she would have signed if approached. Maybe she was considered a disincentive to even Sinn Fein and Podemos signing?

In my blog on the CAABU letter I noted the correlation between an MP’s hostility to Israel and the proportion of a constituency’s population that is Muslim.   The same is true of the Labour MPs who signed this letter. The average proportion of Muslims in their constituencies was 13.3%. The average for the 118 Labour MPs who DIDN’T sign was 7.6%.  

The MPs for 8 of the ten constituencies with the highest Muslim proportions –ranging between 35.7%  and 52.9% – signed the letter.

Either Labour selection committees are matching the most anti-Israel of candidates to seats with a high Muslim population or the MPs of those seats are mirroring the hostility to Israel of their Muslim constituents – or maybe both.

It’s instructive to note that 34 of the 84 Labour signatories have poor records on antisemitism.  This means that their views on the policies of the world’s only Jewish State can be safely ignored.

Debbie Abrahams Jeremy Corbyn Rebecca Long-Bailey Bell Ribeiro-Addy
Rushanara Ali Neil Coyle Shabana Mahmood Naz Shah
Tahir Ali Julie Elliott Seema Malhotra Andy Slaughter
Clive Betts Lilian Greenwood John McDonnell Wes Streeting
Tracy Brabin Kate Hollern Ian Mearns Sam Tarry
Ben Bradshaw Imran Hussein Grahame Morris Claudia Webbe
Richard Burgon Afzal Khan Charlotte Nichols Catherine West
Dan Carden Clive Lewis Kate Osamor
Sarah Champion Tony Lloyd Yasmin Qureshi

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, the former Labour Party Leader and Deputy Leader, signed……………..

The government of the world’s only Jewish State will take about as much notice of them as they did of the mainstream UK Jewish Community during those five awful years.

corbyn oct 19



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