More on the 120 Jewish Lawyers …. (136 now)

I wrote here about the misapprehensions of these lawyers regarding the possibility of application of Israeli law to part of Judea and Samaria.  And later I wrote about one of the signatories who supports BDS and delights in meeting Hamas.

If Lords Collins, Dyson, Woolf and Sir Michael Burton thought they were signing a dispassionate, objective legal opinion, they were wrong.  Six of the signatories (Crewe, Kentridge, Leibowitz, Livingston,  Myerson, Smith) have also signed Yachad statements or petitions [Update: Add Metzer x2 who signed the Yachad letter published on 13 July].  Danny Friedman was previously on the Yachad Board.   Yachad is a leftist British organisation which denounces Israel to British Ministers.  Yachad was closely linked with the despicable Kaddish for Hamas. 22 of the 49 (45%) who said they were going to the event also signed the Yachad letter lambasting the Board of Deputies’ excellent Gaza statement.  Twenty-four of the signatories are New Israel Fund donors and/or voluntary office holders and/or former Board members  (Grodzinski, Labaton, Lesh, Levine, Levinson, Lichtman, Margo, Pliner, Raday, Resnick, D Richman, H Richman, Schaffer, Schneyer, Segal, Stevens, Stolzenberg, Stone, Strauss, Subrin, Taylor, Waldstein, Wicks, Wilder).   The organisations that the New Israel Fund supports in Israel are involved in BDS and demonisation of Israel.

52 of the signatories are academics.  I emailed one of them. He assured me that he believes in Israel’s right to exist!  After 72 years ………….. I wonder if he also believes in France’s right to exist?

Jeanney Kutner is a J-Street activist.  J Street is not a pro-Israel organisation.

One of the signatories does not appear to exist.  I could find no “Professor Hannah Lieberman” at Berkeley Law School, University of California or indeed anywhere else.

Assuming there are not two, James I Meyerson signed a petition supporting the right of a New York bookshop to stock a children’s book, “P is for Palestine”,  that is ‘an insidious attempt to indoctrinate kids against the State of Israel.

I repeat, I certainly don’t think Israel should be too bothered by a letter signed by such people.

Do you?


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