Corbynites inciting hatred of Jews

David Collier wrote yesterday about the rearguard action being pursued by the Corbynites. After being heavily defeated in the December election, they are now inciting hatred against Jewish organisations (and here) by framing them as ‘racist’ because they call out Labour MPs (who happen to be black) who share a platform with expelled Labour members, in contravention to the pledge that all three Labour leadership candidates signed.

walker may 2020 incite
Another strand to the incitement is the allegation that ‘Zionist organisations’ undermined Jeremy Corbyn by ‘false’ allegations of antisemitism because of his support for the Palestinian cause.

The incitement was stoked at this online meeting yesterday (6 May):

peled may 2020

Chris Williamson (the former Labour MP who has been suspended from the Party) made the following comments :

“There is almost a shroud of secrecy about this [that is, the ‘targeting of progressive politicians by Zionists’] which is drawn over the role of the Zionists in actually targeting progressive politicians like Jeremy Corbyn, myself, Bernie Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar – because people are fearful.”

“….it led to me being targeted by the so-called Jewish Labour Movement – which the Electronic Intifada have identified as really a front for the Israeli Embassy – and I became Public Enemy Number One.  Because I was very close to the agenda that Jeremy Corbyn was promoting I think they saw my scalp as being very important to undermining the whole Corbyn project. “

“We know the evidence is there – the Al Jazeera documentary, it is very clear that there is involvement from the Israeli State……. A foreign nation interfering in the democratic processes of a sovereign nation. “

“The way it [the IHRA] was portrayed in the media – the way our opponents tried to portray it – was that it was the mainstream Jewish opinion in Britain that wanted Labour to adopt the IHRA.”

Miko Peled interjected “The IHRA definition includes criticism of Israel.  There are 260,000 Jews in the UK.  50,000 of them reject Zionism altogether because they are ultra-Orthodox.”

“It illustrates the power that the Lobby has – because not a single other Labour MP felt able to speak out in my defence or in anyone else’s defence. “

“Some of the Muslim MPs (Sultana) have been singled out for Islamophobic attacks by the pro-Zionists.”

“Jon Lansman dismissed Jewish Voice for Labour by insomuch as saying they were not part of the Jewish Community. “

“We have to argue that Zionism is inconsistent with Socialism”

Williamson wants to lead a new extra-Parliamentary leftist movement.  Labour may be down and out but the Corbynites – with their incitement against Jews – are certainly not.