Too extreme for UCL but OK for Parliament …. (JC Blog 27 January 2010)

To commemorate ten years of blogging (and because things are quieter during the lockdown!) I am republishing some of my blogs which were inadvertently deleted. Hajo Meyer -the subject of this blog – died in August 2014. Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party from 12 September 2015 to 4 April 2020. He resigned after losing two general elections.

I wrote a few days ago about IJAN, the fringe group of renegades who are parading their performing trophy Israel-hating Holocaust survivor the length and breadth of the UK, with the assistance of the SPSC. Tuesday’s meeting had to be switched from UCL to Goldsmiths, presumably because it was too extreme for UCL in the wake of the Abdulmatallab revelations. But last night’s meeting in Parliament – on Holocaust Memorial Day – nevertheless went ahead.

I had already written to Jeremy Corbyn MP, who hosted last night’s meeting, to protest. Here’s the exchange:

Why are you hosting a meeting  … which will be a farrago of lies about Israel, will demonise Israel and may well contain elements of antisemitism?

His answer:

How on earth do you know what will be said at a meeting yet to be held?

My response: You wouldn’t host a meeting that was offensive to the vast majority of Muslims —- so how come you think it’s OK to host a meeting that’s offensive to the vast majority of Jews…………..?

No response …………….

Fortunately the antiracists were there in force last night. (There was also one pathetic Neturei Karta muppet, mute  as they always are – unusually he was seated at the back and not at the front like a prize heffer for all to see).

We got all the usual antisemitic lies and defamations: Jewish victims in central Europe had hardly any sympathy for Israel; Zionists picked and chose the best ones to escape to Palestine; Zionists had no sympathy for holocaust victims, they referred to them as pieces of unusable material; Zionism is the antipode of Judaism ; pre-World War II Judaism was humanitarian and universalist, Jews and Muslims lived happily together. But “political Zionism is the opposite. It is xenophobic, nationalistic, colonialist, and racist.”

There’s more. Zionists justify themselves by saying they are innocent because the Palestinians started it all. Zionists use the Holocaust to justify Israel’s invasions of other countries. He spoke of the ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ which he explained as Israelis saying ‘we can do what we want because of the Holocaust’ [utter nonsense]

But this time we fought back. Every lie was met with a chorus of protest and the truth. Every calumny was resisted. Every racist statement was met with protest. I am proud of those who stood up for truth, decency and antiracism tonight.  The anti-Israel Jews’ tactic of using a trophy survivor on Holocaust Memorial Day – in the confident expectation that no-one would dare challenge his views, however obnoxious – backfired spectacularly.

Jeremy Corbyn had to leave in the middle so handed over the chair to Brian Iddon MP, secretary of the Britain-Palestine group. Iddon was the MP who hosted the launch of Ben White’s book “Israeli Apartheid: a Beginner’s Guide” in Parliament and then distanced himself from the meeting (“I played no part in the invitation of the speaker“). He proceeded to throw four (maybe five) of us out tonight for protesting about the antisemitism in the talk. Seems that when it comes to protesting about antisemitism, Jews don’t have ‘free speech’ in the Palace of Westminster. Welcome to London in the Age of Unreason.

Now the circus of hate is off to Ireland, so the torch of truth passes to our antiracist friends there:

Friday 7pm The Grosvenor Hall, 5 Glengall Street, Belfast

Saturday 7pm The Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin

After that they are in Europe but I do not have the schedule.