Coronavirus in Gaza: Exposing the Lie that Israel is to Blame

After the first two cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in Gaza, the lie has begun circulating on social media that Israel is restricting the supply of medicines to Gaza, thus worsening the situation.

For example the Scottish anti-Israel activist and Labour member Karen Bett has posted this on her Facebook page:

karen bett

Appallingly the BBC gave legs to the lie. On Radio 4’s Ten O’Clock PM News on 25 March the presenter Razia Iqbal said of Gaza “A decade long blockade has devastated the health service”.

It’s a straight lie and I have complained to the BBC.  COGAT confirms that there are NO restrictions on medicines and surgical equipment coming into Gaza.

In fact look at this report (May 2018) …………… Hamas has refused to accept shipments of medical supplies for Gaza hospitals after seeing they were sent by Israel!


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