SOAS senior academic in cahoots with attackers of mainstream British Jewry

Shortly after I published the blog on the appalling Haneen Zoabi lecture at SOAS (6 March 2020), David Collier published a huge exposé  about a ‘hate-infested political group set up explicitly to attack mainstream British Jewry’ that meets at SOAS. It is called ‘Jewish Network for Palestine’.

David’s blog includes links to three sets of minutes of the Steering Group of ‘Jewish Network for Palestine’. He comments ‘What they reveal is jaw-dropping’.

Indeed it is. Just look at the minutes for the September 2019 meeting.

soas jnp march 2020Dr Dina Matar – the senior SOAS academic who chaired the Zoabi meeting and who threw us out – asked this toxic group that attacks mainstream Jewry to recommend speakers for SOAS meetings!

If ever proof was needed that SOAS is institutionally antisemitic, this is surely it (in truth there is volumes of evidence).