Do not let property to these tenants from hell

In May 2019 I let a property to a man called Mr Lord Jaber Bin Saud El Ali (born 9 December 1970).   His references proved to be forged.  In December 2019 he was evicted by bailiffs after a Court Order granting repossession. He did not pay a penny in rent, using hospitalisation for major back surgery as an excuse (it was a lie). Also staying at the property was Dr Clement Alun Jones. The same Dr CA Jones as in this news story and this one. He’s 79 (DOB 18.04.41).

This blog is to warn property owners not to let to either of these fraudsters.  It is to ensure that their names come up in searches by reference checkers.

The Police have refused to prosecute them for Fraud.

tenant ali 2 jan20tenant jones jan20

Ali and Jones