Demonstrating for Competency outside the Board of Deputies Meeting

With great reluctance around 20-25 of us demonstrated outside the Board of Deputies meeting today.

BODdemo4 group jan20

BODdemo2 group jan20

So far this triennial the Board has…….

– Published a ‘Jewish Manifesto’ which failed to mention Labour’s institutional antisemitism (nothing in Charity Law precludes attacking a Party for racism)

– Been insufficiently vocal in the anti-Corbyn election campaign (again the argument that this was because of Charity Law is false)

– Banned an Israel Advocate (Damon Lenszner) from a meeting it organised on the basis of a trumped-up conviction for heckling an antisemite

– Withdrawn tickets for its events from other advocates

– Failed to support activists who have been assaulted or who have been the subject of malevolent Lawfare

Wrongly accused Melanie Phillips of suggesting that hatred of Muslims doesn’t exist.

BODdemo1 melanie jan20

– Employs as a Public Affairs Officer Daniel Sugarman who rudely traduced Melanie Phillips and apparently failed to admonish him for this

– Has Yachad as a member even though it violates the Board’s Constitution (Yachad opposes the proposed ban on BDS by public sector bodies)

Criticised Israel’s Nation State Law which is not discriminatory in any way

– Is conducting a sham survey as a political stunt, designed by the same people who did the Yachad survey (Emeritus Prof Stephen Miller was the lead author of the Yachad Report)

Halfway through the triennial, our demonstration was a wake-up call for competency.  A sign that things have improved would be to drop the survey. It is an internal survey of Deputies’ attitudes to Israel, but those attitudes are entirely irrelevant: The Board’s Constitution obliges it to ‘take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel’s security, welfare and standing.’

The response ‘Well if you don’t like it, become a Deputy and change things‘ is woefully inadequate.  The fact that I am not a Deputy does not remove my right to expect competency from those who are!


Sure enough three days after our demo the sham Yachad-inspired survey was dropped!