As-A-Jew Robert Cohen: “Israel causes antisemitism and Justin Welby needs new Jewish friends ……”

We’ve met Robert Cohen before.

His latest three ‘As-A-Jew’ pieces are about the election.

We will focus on this one first.

Unsurprisingly he turns victims into perpetrators. Unsurprising because that’s been the hallmark of antisemitism for centuries. He’s not worried about antisemitism in the Labour Party because it’s mostly fabricated by Zionists (ie people like me) in order to undermine Corbyn.  But (how kind of him) he worries that all this devious plotting ‘risks turning fake antisemitism into real antisemitism’.  And for our own good (what a Mensch) he’s calling us out now.  Poor chap with all that worry.  Plus  masterminding the Co-Op’s communications about its Israel Boycott.  We’d better plant a Forest in Israel to thank him…………

Moreover he cites impeccable (not) references to back up his case.  First he cites this.  Then this.

Lerman (see the second link above) starts off by ‘shooting the messenger’, twisting a perfectly factual comment by the Conservative Chairman into a supposedly antisemitic one in the Telegraph.

He then accuses Jacob Rees-Mogg MP – in the Commons Brexit debate on 3 September – of using the word ‘Illuminati’ in an antisemitic way directed at two Jewish MPs (Sir Oliver Letwin and Speaker John Bercow). This is complete mendacious nonsense, look at the context in which Rees-Mogg used the word (in Hansard):

The motion would allow a designated Member—or a few of the Illuminati who are taking the powers to themselves—to give notice of the presentation of this Bill on the first day of a new Session and then provide time for debate on this Bill on the second day of the new Session, interrupting the Queen’s Speech.”

It is obvious that Rees-Mogg did not use the word ‘Illuminati’ in an antisemitic way. He simply meant MPs claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge. His comment was not directed at any named MP or MPs.

Now look at what Lerman says about Stephen Pollard, the Jewish Chronicle Editor: ‘He is responsible, together with Jewish establishment leaders and deeply misguided politicians for leading the charge in generating, justifying and encouraging such reported sentiment among Jews.This is simply Antisemitism Denial.  Demented that Cohen thinks it helps his case! And Lerman goes on to quote the ‘Bad News’ book approvingly! (see this link also posted above).

Back to Cohen, and this: “It’s impossible to understand the personal criticism against Corbyn without recognising that it’s nearly always in the context of a wider debate over the behaviour of Israel towards the Palestinian people.Simply rubbish.  Eg Corbyn came to the defence of Sheikh Raed Salah, who revived the medieval anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’ slur that Jews cook with children’s blood:  How was that “in the context of a wider debate over the behaviour of Israel towards the Palestinian people?

More ignorant rubbish:  “[Israel has] a long and on-going history of human rights abuses which western leaders choose not to act against.”

Cohen follows with the fake Formby numbers on the number of cases of antisemitism in Labour and of course with this benighted JPR Research.  I said when it was published two years ago that it was an Open Goal for the Corbots and boy, have I been proved right.

Look how Cohen ends: “We need to face into the role Israel plays in generating antisemitism”This is truly venal. Israel does not cause antisemitism. Antisemites cause antisemitism. If Israel had been created ten years earlier, millions of Jews might have been saved from going to the gas chamber.  Israel is a refuge from antisemitism. Only an antisemite says that Israel causes antisemitism! It is in breach of this IHRA Provision:  Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective.

Moving to Cohen’s next blog, he has the temerity to address the Chief Rabbi  for his article in The Times. Cohen says he doesn’t  know what ‘bad things’ might happen to Jews in the UK if Corbyn is elected. Let me help him.  Contemptibly Cohen accuses the Chief Rabbi of ‘scaremongering’.  His evidence? Some shoddy JVL drivel, most of which I have deconstructed in earlier blogs.

Cohen’s third election blog attacks the Archbishop of Canterbury for supporting the Chief Rabbi. Hilariously he tells Justin Welby that he needs some new Jewish friends! And who are they? Members of Jewish Voice for Labour of course! Including Justin Schlosberg (and here)!

Then Cohen uses the fake argument that 25% of the Jewish Community sees itself as ‘secular’ and so the Chief Rabbi cannot represent them. That is a nonsense. Not being a member of a synagogue does NOT mean that a Jew shuns all religious practices, far from it. His/her children may attend a Jewish school, they may buy kosher food, they may wish that their baby boys are circumcised, they may be a victim of antisemitism. In all these cases and more, the Chief Rabbi helps them and represents them to the government if necessary.

Cohen is a nasty piece of work. Married to a Christian Vicar, he is happy to work for the Co-Op which has a virtual complete boycott of goods from Israel. Such is his drive to vilify Israel that he is even willing to besmirch the memory of Anne Frank to promote his personal Crusade. Let’s hope the Archbishop – who will get a copy of this blog – realises Cohen’s deeply unpleasant agenda.