London church hosts neo-Nazi group

A constant theme of my blogs has been churches which host antisemitic speakers.

David Collier (and yesterday) and Hope Not Hate have reported on a meeting last week which was possibly the worst ever example.

St Anne’s in Soho, London hosted a neo-Nazi group, ‘Keep Talking’.  The booking was made in the name of ‘Keep Talking’ – they made no attempt to disguise themselves. The founder of ‘Keep Talking’ is notorious Holocaust Denier Nicholas Kollerstrom who argues that the purpose of the gas chambers at Auschwitz was to kill lice (David Irving argued the same but this was disproved at his libel trial by Richard Rampton QC who argued correctly that the Zyklon B gas concentration needed to kill lice is a quantum higher than that found in the walls of the concentration camp).

Yet again it seems that someone responsible for taking bookings failed to do elementary Due Diligence.  Had they enquired as to the nature of the meeting, they could easily have found out the truth about the organisation and the Israel-hating speaker, Miko Peled. He thinks that Holocaust Denial comes within the ambit of free speech.  Attendees included “manifestly antisemitic” Alison Chabloz, “neo-Nazi” James Thring ,  “disgraced conspiracy theorist” Stephen Sizer and Elleanne Green who promoted the meeting, has expressed Holocaust denial sentiment on social media and created the antisemitic ‘Palestine Live’ secret Facebook group.

church oct 19.png

Also there was Irfan Dean and Naila Smith.  Ian Fantom – who co-founded and organises ‘Keep Talking’ –  is at the front in the photo, to Chabloz’s left. See David Collier’s blog for other attendees. It was a classic ‘horseshoe’ meeting where neo-Nazis sat next to so-called ‘human rights activists’, eg from the International Solidarity Movement.

Some of Peled’s talk is on video. He demonised Israelis, saying that when he was growing up, “nobody in their right minds would go into a Palestinian town – because they’re Arabs, they’re different.”  That is nonsense. In the 1960s for example many Israelis went to Gaza. He also accused Israel of only giving 3% of the water to Palestinians. This is a lie.

Twice in the video the neo-Nazi audience revoltingly breaks out with demonic laughter at the mention of the word ‘antisemitism’.

It is completely unacceptable for Churches to host antisemitic speakers – let alone, if they are booked by neo-Nazi groups. There is no excuse for failing to do Due Diligence before accepting a booking.

Please tell me if you know of others who attended. You can contact me via Twitter @jhoffman1 or Facebook

Please help us with our defence for legal costs, incurred because we shouted at antisemitic terrorist supporters – thank you.

church oct 19
At our protest outside the Church on 6 October, the Rector promised to publish this apology on the Church website and the Bishop of London undertook to remind all London Clergy that bookings for meetings must be properly checked.