On the Shoulders of Giants: 43s Veteran donates to defend antifascist streetfighters


I was thrilled to receive a donation to our Defence Fund from Harry Kaufman, the 88 year old Veteran of the 43 group. He was twice convicted for fighting fascists. The 43 Group was a group of Jewish ex-servicemen who were demobbed at the end of World War Two and returned to London, only to find that representatives of the fascists whom they had fought were rife there and that the government – particularly Home Secretary Chuter Ede – was doing nothing. The 43 group heckled the fascists in the street – just like we did – and did all they could to break up their meetings.

43 group book

72 years after the Battle of Ridley Road it is appalling that fascist antisemites are still allowed freedom on London’s streets.  Thank you Harry.  Just like you, Vidal Sassoon, Jules Konopinski and the other brave members of the 43s, we promise that they will never go unopposed.

#ZeroTolerance: #StandingOnTheShouldersOfGiants

Like Harry, please give generously to the Defence Fund.

43 group slogan