Open Letter to Rosie Duffield MP

Dear Ms Duffield,

You have received an Open Letter from your constituent Diane Langford. It contains so many lies and defamations that I feel impelled to follow with this Open Letter.

Langford calls Hanna Braun a Holocaust Survivor.  She was not a ‘survivor’ – and to call her this is an insult to genuine survivors.  Braun was never in a death camp. She left Germany in 1937 with her parents, age 10. They went to Palestine (called Israel wef May 1948). Presumably Langford misrepresents Braun’s history because she thinks Israel hatred from a Holocaust Survivor has a better cachet than that from a mere refugee. How sick – but how typical of the Israel defamers.

Langford calls Deir Yassin ‘a notorious massacre in the ethnic ‘cleansing’ of Palestine.’

Latest research suggests that (a) Deir Yassin was a fortified village with scores of armed combatants (b) it occupied a strategically important position on the route to Jerusalem and the attack on it was part of an attempt to relieve the siege of Jerusalem (c) the Arab villagers received advance warning to evacuate the village and 700 did so (d) to describe this episode in the civil conflict as a ‘massacre’ is incorrect; Tauber writes that 61 of the 101 people killed, died in circumstances of combat or were combatants.

To say there was ‘ethnic cleansing’ by Jews of Arabs is a downright lie. The Mayor of Haifa for example begged the Arab inhabitants to stay.

Langford mentions that Braun founded the Palestine Solidarity Campaign branch in Coventry. The PSC is an organisation that wants to see the end of Israel as a Jewish State and which is riddled with antisemitism.   Langford herself was a longstanding member of the secret and horrifically antisemitic Facebook group Palestine Live, only leaving after it was exposed by David Collier in March 2018.

langford palestine live
Langford writes about Hanna Braun’s memorial gathering at London’s Conway Hall (she died in 2011, the meeting was in 2011 or early 2012). She notes that Richard Millett was there and that ‘the police had to be called to expedite his removal from the venue.’ That is a lie. The event was publicly advertised and Millett had every right to be there. It was him who called the police, after he was surrounded aggressively by Israel haters.

Then Langford says that I and Richard Millett were ‘evicted from the House of Commons when the police had to be called to a pro-Palestinian event in 2017.’ Now for the truth. This was an Israel hate meeting, not a ‘pro-Palestinian’ one. The presentations (during which we were silent like good dhimmis) included the antisemitic allegation that Israelis were “breaking into” the Al Aqsa Mosque and that Israel “is an expert in inciting hatred”. Mark Hendrick MP (since knighted) threw us out for voicing our opinion of the lies during the Q+A. Ms Duffield, you will be aware that (unlike you) Hendrick failed to sign the statement recommending  suspension of Chris Williamson and has failed to show any opposition to Labour’s institutional antisemitism. In March 2018, you attended the Jewish Community’s rally against antisemitism. Hendrick of course didn’t.

Langford writes that I ‘appear at far-right, e.g. EDF, events with an Israeli flag.’ Presumably she means EDL. This is a lie and has been referred to a lawyer.

She then suggests that I played a role ‘in the horrendous abuse and intimidation inflicted on staff of the Holiday Inn Hotel and threats received by the Quaker Meeting House in Brighton.’ Another lie – which has been referred to the lawyer. First, there is no evidence that any campaigner against the Williamson meeting in Brighton last week used ‘abuse’, ‘intimidation’ or ‘threats’. I certainly didn’t. My only public action was to post the third venue on Twitter (the Friends’ Meeting House).

Of you – Ms Duffield – Langford writes ‘Your association with Ella Rose, who threatened to ‘take down’ Jackie Walker using Israeli martial arts, is inexcusable.’ The truth about that incident is in the blog which I wrote at the time. This was classic Jew-baiting.  A woman later expelled from Labour for antisemitism abused a Jew online and then feigned self-righteous shock when the victim tried to pick up the pieces and preserve her self-respect (Rose imagined using her Krav Maga skills on Walker).

Ms Duffield, I hope you will treat Langford’s Open Letter with the derision it deserves.  Particularly as she wants you deselected. And your stance against antisemitism in Labour is much appreciated. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Hoffman


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