My Interview with Simon Barrett of RevelationTV

Revelation TV is a multi-award winning Christian television channel which broadcasts worldwide.   A few weeks ago I recorded an interview with Simon Barrett who hosts the Channel’s Middle East Report. You can see the interview here. Some of it is about the funeral of the hero Tom Bowden which I wrote about here.

A few of the things I said…..

On antisemitism: “The first thirty years of my life there was little antisemitism and I thought this was the norm. In fact those years were the exception. Antisemitism was there before and it has reappeared now.”

On the Puma trial:Simply for shouting at antisemites we were prosecuted. It was a prosecution on the basis of lies. If you can’t trust the justice system, what’s the point? Advocates for Israel are being seen as the perpetrators  – not the victims.  We’re being short-changed by the CPS, the police and the judiciary.”

On universities:There are a number of universities which are effectively ‘no-go’ for Jewish students and this is a disgrace.”

In the interview I mention our Defence Fund for the Puma Trial. The link is here. Many thanks to all who contribute.


The Revelation TV interview is now on YouTube.