Palexpo #2: Israel Hatefest in London – Gideon Levy’s tide of Antisemitism

There is a video of Gideon Levy’s speech on Sunday 7 July in the session entitled ‘One State: The Future’ (also on the panel were Zwelivelile Mandela and Wadah Khanfer).

As UK Media Watch has observed, Levy’s infamous record of baseless claims includes falsifying a poll to suggest Israeli support for apartheid (for which he was forced to apologise) and parroting the ‘Zionism = Racism’ canard in declaring that “a Jewish state means a racist, nationalistic state, meant for Jews only.”

Levy’s PalExpo speech is sickening and revolting and contains antisemitism.

At -16.40 he declares (to applause!) that a One State solution is the only solution. One State would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish State. To desire this is antisemitic (IHRA: ‘Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination’). It would also cost millions of lives because it would have to be imposed by force, the Jewish electorate of Israel would never agree to it, neither would many non-Jews).

At -14.08 he lies that no Israeli Prime Minister has wanted a ‘two state solution’. Palestinian leaders have rejected four offers of statehood including at Camp David over 95% of the territory they wanted. Most recently talks stalled following the rapprochement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

At -12.50 he suggests freezing settlement building – without of course mentioning that Israel did this in November 2009, freezing new construction, in order to advance peace talks. It proved fruitless.

At -12.10 Levy asks why Israel thinks it has the right to demand that a future Palestinian State must be demilitarised. He sarcastically answers his own question: ‘On being the Chosen People? On being the victims of the Holocaust?‘ Both are deeply offensive and antisemitic.

At -7.52 he says “almost no Israeli considers Palestinians as equal human beings”. It’s an antisemitic lie (IHRA: ‘Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews’).

At -6.45 he lies about One State, asserting that it can ‘very rapidly turn into reality.’ Truth is, it would require a bitter civil war with massive loss of life.

At -5.39 he calls Israel ‘an apartheid state’ to applause. This is antisemitic (IHRA: Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews’).

At -4.11 he says “What is a Jewish State? I lived there 66 years, I didn’t get it yet.” This is a  lie. He knows perfectly well what makes Israel a Jewish State. The national language and the observation of Jewish holidays, for a start. Ask any Jewish immigrant from France or indeed from anywhere: they will not only tell you they feel at home, they will tell you they felt at home from the moment their flight landed at Ben-Gurion.

At -3.30 he says “I want to live in a just place, not in a Jewish place, not in a non-Jewish place”.  The inference that a Jewish State cannot be just is despicable.

At -2.07 he says “Those who speak about a 2 State Solution are the greatest supporters of the occupation”. This is rubbish. Yachad for example wants a 2SS. They are hardly supporters of a continued Israeli  security presence in Judea/Samaria!

Levy ends by suggesting that if the Israeli government refuses ‘one state’ then this is tantamount to admitting that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’.  Complete and utter rubbish.

It remains a mystery why Levy was admitted to the UK. And indeed why he should be let back into Israel.


NGO Monitor on Palexpo