Panorama: Is Labour Antisemitic?

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Corbyn supporters (eg Owen Jones) have lined up to criticise the truncation of an email from Seamus Milne, saying that the truncation resulted in changing its meaning to the direct opposite of what Milne intended.

Are they right?

Here’s the complete sentence:
panorama email 2
Panorama allegedly only looked at the second half of this sentence, thus
panorama email
The full sentence suggests that Milne thought that some cases of alleged antisemitism were in reality merely ‘political disputes’.  The truncated version makes it clear that Milne’s comment was specifically applying to Jews: he says (wrongly in the case of Labour) that it is a rarity for Jews to also be antisemites (there have been numerous cases where Jewish JVL members have been guilty of antisemitism, see the JVL Watch blog).

The upshot of either formulation, though, is that Milne believed that too many cases of alleged antisemitism were being referred. The allegation that by truncating, Panorama changed the meaning of Milne’s email to the direct opposite, is nonsense.


On Victoria Derbyshire this morning, Tareq Khanis a ‘British Palestinian’, suggested that Israel is guilty of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Derbyshire asked him about the Pete Willsman case. In response he quoted the Al Jazeera ‘investigation’. Understandably some others in the audience  jeered. He then turned around to Josh Garfield (who is Jewish and was in the Panorama programme ) and is heard to say (34.45) “One of your people was actually seen taking bribes.

Surely he must be disciplined for that!

Postscript 2

John Ware responds to the Corbots