The Metro’s Apology of an Apology

Many were appalled to see this letter in the London freesheet Metro on Friday 28 June.

metro 1.png

  1. The allegation that “every criticism of Israel is considered antisemitic” is nonsense and those who make it mark themselves out as antisemites. There is nothing wrong with criticising Israel as long as you don’t use antisemitic language eg comparing Israeli Jews with Nazis (see IHRA definition of antisemitism)
  2. “….the Jewish people’s hatred of Palestinians”. The “Jewish people” do not hate the Palestinians. To allege that they do is an antisemitic slur.
  3. The convention is that the name of the sender must appear at the bottom of a letter unless disclosure risks harm to the sender or their family. The name of the sender should have been printed.

The Board of Deputies complained and on 2 July the Metro published this apology of an apology:


All it said was that the letter ‘wrongly accused Jewish people for being responsible for the action of the Israeli government’.  What? So it’s OK to say that the Israeli government ‘hates the Palestinians’? No it isn’t. It’s crass and a lie which displays zero knowledge of the Middle East.

Is it really beyond the wit of the Editor (Ted Young) to read and understand the IHRA definition of antisemitism?