Jenny Manson’s Nine Lies on Australian TV

Jenny Manson is co-Chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, an organisation which exists solely to whitewash antisemitism in the UK Labour Party.
manson july 19 1.png
On 17 July the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) gave Manson a 9-minute slot to respond to the advert in The Guardian the same day (funded and signed by 64 Labour Peers (around 1/3rd of the total of Labour Peers)) denouncing Corbyn’s failure to deal adequately with antisemitism in the UK Labour Party  (this was after the Panorama programme on 10 July).

manson july 19 2

Manson’s response was tweeted by JVL. It has 499 ‘likes’ and 391 retweets. The Youtube video has 3206 views and 128 ‘likes’.

In short, Manson’s response is a pack of lies and shame on ABC (a) for giving her  a platform (b) for failing to invite a second guest to rebut her lies (as I did on BBC World last September).  The ABC is a public service broadcaster with impartiality obligations similar to those of the BBC. When black football players complain about racism, does the ABC feel the need to call on someone to question their sincerity? Or when Muslims denounce Darren Osborne?  Are Jews the only minority whose sincerity is questioned when they complain about racism?

Let’s focus on what Manson said, remembering that she identifies ‘as-a-Jew’ for the sole purpose of vilifying Israel.

“There is no evidence that the Labour Party harbours antisemitism any more than any other Party, in fact it harbours it less than some other political parties in Britain. “

LIE #1 – there is plenty of evidence.

“Antisemitic views are less in the Labour Party now than they used to be”.

LIE #2rebuttal here.

“These 60 Peers are Peers who have opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership right from the start.”

LIE #3Here for example is Lord Meghnad Desai praising Corbyn’s manifesto for the 2017 election. Here is Lord Spencer Livermore speaking of a ‘huge opportunity’ for Labour; he would hardly say that if he had been opposed to the Corbyn leadership. For many others – eg Hector MacKenzie and Doreen Massey and Sue Nye – there is no evidence that they have ‘opposed Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership right from the start’.

“One of the MPs who left Labour said that she’d been hounded by antisemites but she never mentioned that they were from the far Right and not from Labour.”

LIE #4 – Manson does not name her but this must be Luciana Berger MP. Of the six people convicted for threats and abuse against her, two of them – according to Ms Berger herself – came from the Left. More here.  And here.

“Naz Shah, Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone: None of these three has said or done anything antisemitic at all.”

LIES #5, #6, #7 –  Naz Shah even admitted it! Williamson is an alleged Jewbaiter who has defended and supported individuals who have made deeply antisemitic statements.  Livingstone suggested that Hitler supported Zionism.

“The Research that was commissioned by a Jewish organisation a year ago could not find evidence that antisemitism in Labour has increased.”


“I’ve been in the Labour Party for 50 years, I have not seen one incident of antisemitism.  It’s worse in the Conservative Party. “

SEE LIE #1 ABOVE.  Ironically shortly after the interview, Jeremy Corbyn himself publicly admitted what Jenny Manson had denied – that UK Labour has a ‘real problem‘ with antisemitism; that ‘no-one should dismiss the concerns they’ve [ie UK Jews] expressed about what has been happening in the party‘; and that ‘anyone who denies that this has surfaced in our party is clearly actually wrong and contributing to the problem‘.

“If the story was true we would not have won the Peterborough by-election.”

LIE #8 – Complete non-sequitur. Labour won Peterborough despite being institutionally antisemitic.  This is the utterly cynical calculation that Seamus Milne presumably makes: that antisemitism is not a vote loser for Labour. That’s why it’s so important to keep reporting it on the media in blogs like this one and to show zero tolerance.  Milne has to be proved wrong.

“Panorama had no evidence and no alternative voice”

LIE #9No evidence?  We must have been watching  a different programme.  I saw a group of serious and articulate young people who had landed their dream job working for Labour but were then subjected to impossible pressures to violate the rules. One ended up thinking of suicide, others had to be prescribed medication for depression.

As for ‘no alternative voice’, the irony of that – in a 9-minute slot with no countering speaker and an interviewer who was frankly pathetic – can surely be lost on no-one.  Plus, what alternative voice was there supposed to be? Someone to deny that Sam Matthews was driven to the brink of suicide by the pressures on him?

The ABC has received several complaints about the broadcast. In particular Peter Wertheim – the co-Chief Executive Officer of ECAJ which represents the Jewish Community in Australia – has complained thus:

An Australian audience would not be aware that Ms Manson is only a marginal voice among British Jews, even among British Jews who usually support Labour. The audience might have been misled into believing that Ms Manson’s views are in some way representative of those of the UK Jewish community or of Jewish Labour supporters. 

Three days before this interview, Howard Jacobson, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Sir Simon Schama, Neil Blair, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Rabbi Julia Neuberger, who are well known Jews in the UK with progressive views had a joint letter published in The Guardian (UK) entitled “The poison in UK Labour’s soul” in which they completely contradict the views put forward by Ms Manson:

For balance and fairness, I ask that you now arrange to interview one of these 6 people on the same program. Their views on this issue coincide with those put forward by all of the Jewish communal organisations in the UK, which have argued that there is a significant problem of antisemitism within the UK Labour Party.


Here’s the ABC’s not very helpful response to Peter Wertheim:

Dear Mr Wertheim

Thank you for your email regarding the ABC News Channel interview with Jenny Manson.

Your complaint has been investigated by Audience and Consumer Affairs, a unit separate to and independent of program making areas within the ABC.  We have carefully considered your concerns, reviewed the content and assessed it against the ABC’s editorial standards for impartiality.

We note the Youtube version of the interview you identify excluded the full context of the segment that was presented by the ABC News channel.  We observe the presenter’s introduction to the segment, which contextualised the interview –

Now in Britain, more than 60 members of the opposition Labour Party have signed a statement accusing party leader Jeremy Corbyn of failing the test of leadership over antisemitism within the party.  Mr Corbyn has long been accused of allowing an antisemitic culture to fester in the British Labour Party, an accusation he denies.

The Labour leader was questioned about the statement in Parliament just a few moments ago.

The report then cuts to footage of former British Prime Minister, Theresa May, speaking in Parliament –

Just today, 60 distinguished members of the Labour Party have written in the newspapers – “the Labour Party welcomes everyone, except it seems Jews.  This is your legacy, Mr Corbyn. You still haven’t opened your eyes, you still haven’t told the whole truth, you still haven’t accepted your responsibility, you have failed the test of  leadership.  Apologise now.”

We are satisfied the interview with Jenny Manson, who was invited to respond to the accusations raised in the segment, was rigorous and testing. The interviewer challenged her view that the accusations were weak or repetitious by noting that over recent years nine Labour MPs and three peers had left the party over the issue, there had been a major report into antisemitism within the party, and members of the party had been suspended including former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

The interviewer put it to Ms Mason – So sometimes there are people who are antisemitic in the Labour Party?  To which Ms Mason conceded – Of course there are, there are antisemitic people everywhere…but it’s not a Labour Party problem. It’s a problem.  The interviewer then asked why Labour wouldn’t adopt an independent complaints process because there are reports that there are more than 800 complaints of antisemitism that are being investigated by the Labour Party.  He asked what Labour was going to do to emerge from this crisis because it had been going on for years and the party could not seem to overcome or satisfactorily address the claims that it was antisemitic and failing to address the problem.

We are satisfied the segment presented sufficient context to make it clear to the audience that the British Labour Party had a major, long-standing issue with antisemitism, to the point that significant numbers of its own members had publicly criticised the party and its current leadership over the issue or decided to leave the party altogether, that it was handling in excess of 800 complaints on the issue and was now in crisis as it had not adequately addressed the issue that had dogged it for years.

The issue of antisemitism within the British Labour Party has been covered by the ABC News Channel, and will continue to be covered, on a newsworthy basis over time.  Impartiality does not require that every perspective receives equal time, that every interview be countered with an opposing interview, or that every facet of the issue is presented within the one segment.

We are satisfied that Ms Mason was appropriately identified as co-chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, and that the audience was not lead to believe that her organisation spoke for all British Jews or even Labour voting Jews.

Please be assured that your reaction to the broadcast has been brought to the attention of ABC News management.  Thank you for allowing the ABC the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

The ABC Code of Practice is available online at the attached link;

Should you be dissatisfied with this response to your complaint, you may be able to pursue the matter with the Australian Communications and Media Authority

Yours sincerely

Kieran Doyle

Audience and Consumer Affairs

Palexpo #2: Israel Hatefest in London – Gideon Levy’s tide of Antisemitism

There is a video of Gideon Levy’s speech on Sunday 7 July in the session entitled ‘One State: The Future’ (also on the panel were Zwelivelile Mandela and Wadah Khanfer).

As UK Media Watch has observed, Levy’s infamous record of baseless claims includes falsifying a poll to suggest Israeli support for apartheid (for which he was forced to apologise) and parroting the ‘Zionism = Racism’ canard in declaring that “a Jewish state means a racist, nationalistic state, meant for Jews only.”

Levy’s PalExpo speech is sickening and revolting and contains antisemitism.

At -16.40 he declares (to applause!) that a One State solution is the only solution. One State would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish State. To desire this is antisemitic (IHRA: ‘Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination’). It would also cost millions of lives because it would have to be imposed by force, the Jewish electorate of Israel would never agree to it, neither would many non-Jews).

At -14.08 he lies that no Israeli Prime Minister has wanted a ‘two state solution’. Palestinian leaders have rejected four offers of statehood including at Camp David over 95% of the territory they wanted. Most recently talks stalled following the rapprochement between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

At -12.50 he suggests freezing settlement building – without of course mentioning that Israel did this in November 2009, freezing new construction, in order to advance peace talks. It proved fruitless.

At -12.10 Levy asks why Israel thinks it has the right to demand that a future Palestinian State must be demilitarised. He sarcastically answers his own question: ‘On being the Chosen People? On being the victims of the Holocaust?‘ Both are deeply offensive and antisemitic.

At -7.52 he says “almost no Israeli considers Palestinians as equal human beings”. It’s an antisemitic lie (IHRA: ‘Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews’).

At -6.45 he lies about One State, asserting that it can ‘very rapidly turn into reality.’ Truth is, it would require a bitter civil war with massive loss of life.

At -5.39 he calls Israel ‘an apartheid state’ to applause. This is antisemitic (IHRA: Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews’).

At -4.11 he says “What is a Jewish State? I lived there 66 years, I didn’t get it yet.” This is a  lie. He knows perfectly well what makes Israel a Jewish State. The national language and the observation of Jewish holidays, for a start. Ask any Jewish immigrant from France or indeed from anywhere: they will not only tell you they feel at home, they will tell you they felt at home from the moment their flight landed at Ben-Gurion.

At -3.30 he says “I want to live in a just place, not in a Jewish place, not in a non-Jewish place”.  The inference that a Jewish State cannot be just is despicable.

At -2.07 he says “Those who speak about a 2 State Solution are the greatest supporters of the occupation”. This is rubbish. Yachad for example wants a 2SS. They are hardly supporters of a continued Israeli  security presence in Judea/Samaria!

Levy ends by suggesting that if the Israeli government refuses ‘one state’ then this is tantamount to admitting that Israel is an ‘apartheid state’.  Complete and utter rubbish.

It remains a mystery why Levy was admitted to the UK. And indeed why he should be let back into Israel.


NGO Monitor on Palexpo

Panorama: Is Labour Antisemitic?

For shouting at antisemites, we were prosecuted. Please help us meet our legal costs. Many thanks.


Corbyn supporters (eg Owen Jones) have lined up to criticise the truncation of an email from Seamus Milne, saying that the truncation resulted in changing its meaning to the direct opposite of what Milne intended.

Are they right?

Here’s the complete sentence:
panorama email 2
Panorama allegedly only looked at the second half of this sentence, thus
panorama email
The full sentence suggests that Milne thought that some cases of alleged antisemitism were in reality merely ‘political disputes’.  The truncated version makes it clear that Milne’s comment was specifically applying to Jews: he says (wrongly in the case of Labour) that it is a rarity for Jews to also be antisemites (there have been numerous cases where Jewish JVL members have been guilty of antisemitism, see the JVL Watch blog).

The upshot of either formulation, though, is that Milne believed that too many cases of alleged antisemitism were being referred. The allegation that by truncating, Panorama changed the meaning of Milne’s email to the direct opposite, is nonsense.


On Victoria Derbyshire this morning, Tareq Khanis a ‘British Palestinian’, suggested that Israel is guilty of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Derbyshire asked him about the Pete Willsman case. In response he quoted the Al Jazeera ‘investigation’. Understandably some others in the audience  jeered. He then turned around to Josh Garfield (who is Jewish and was in the Panorama programme ) and is heard to say (34.45) “One of your people was actually seen taking bribes.

Surely he must be disciplined for that!

Postscript 2

John Ware responds to the Corbots

Palexpo: Israel Hatefest in London

For shouting at antisemites, we were prosecuted. Please help us meet our legal costs. Many thanks.


Palexpo took place at London Olympia last weekend, 6/7 July. The main organiser was Friends of Al Aqsa.

FOA 2019 1

FOA 2019 2

David Collier has described the pernicious way that young visitors to the event were brainwashed to hate Israel by means of games such as ‘Apartheid wall: See how you interact with your family during a meal with the Apartheid wall cutting through the dinner table.

The event featured 42 hour-long conference sessions, all of which demonised Israel. Examples of titles: BDS; Prevent & Palestine: The Erosion of Activism through Counter-Terrorism; One State: The Future. Analysis of the speakers a few weeks before the event revealed that as many as 37 had a history of either reportedly antisemitic comments or Israel demonisations. In the former category were Osama Abu Irshaid, Hatem Bazian, Neve Gordon, Joseph Massad and Glynn Secker. A few speakers were added after the analysis was done. Rebecca Gould is a Professor at Bristol University. The university authorities failed to discipline her after she wrote an article suggesting that Jews profit from the Holocaust.

On the other hand the following speakers were removed, or removed themselves: Neve Gordon, Sarah Lasoye, Asad Rehman, Steven Saxby, Glynn Secker, Andy Slaughter MP. Possibly Slaughter and Saxby (a Labour candidate) pulled out because of the impending Panorama investigation of antisemitism on 10 July.

Particularly ludicrous was to fly Mandela’s grandson in from South Africa. He knows sweet FA about the Middle East but that didn’t stop him making constant inappropriate comparisons with South Africa under apartheid.

Videos of the five sessions on Saturday in the auditorium are available on the Palexpo website. I have been through the 7+ hours of recordings; here is what I found (bios of the speakers whose affiliations are not shown can be found here).

Jerusalem: Vanishing City

This session contained inflammatory lies about Israel’s treatment of Muslims and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Laila Hassan (Women in Hebron): You will cry when you see how you can’t pray in your Mosque.  We need your help. We need people to support how we live under occupation. We don’t need help from your government. We know your government, they support the Israelis, the Jewish people.  When they found us they kicked us out. We are victims. The Israelis, they focus on Al Aqsa Mosque and Ibrahimi Mosque because they hate Muslims.  We never hated them because they are Jewish. They are fighting us because of our religion. They divided Al Aqsa. It’s two places, a synagogue and a Mosque.  The settlers go there every day.

Osama Abu Irshaid: Christians and Muslims are being discriminated against by Israel. Since 1967 Israel has failed miserably in guaranteeing the rights of the three religions. Everyone knows that Muslims are being banned from praying in their own Mosque. Christians are being banned from their churches. Israel is a combination of a traditional colonial enterprise and apartheid regime mixed with historical and religious narratives. Creating a false Zionist narrative is a deliberate attempt to deny the indigenous people of Palestine their rights and their own land. (Q+A) Since 1967 Israel has failed to prove that a single stone dates from Before the Roman Era or the Muslim Era. This is documented by the UN and the British. The Palestinians are being dehumanised. They were never offered real peace. No-one talks about the inhumane siege of Gaza. People were put on a diet; their calorie consumption was counted.

Hassun El Zafar (recently produced ‘My Name Is Rachel Corrie’ in Sheffield), Moderator: ISM was a neutral human rights organisation; it was disbanded by the Israelis.

Nation Law: Israeli Apartheid State

This session contained several falsehoods – like ‘the majority of European Jews are converts’ (!)

Joseph Massad: Jews have become a minority in Israel plus the territories gained in 1967. So the Nation State Law was needed to underpin Jewish minority rule. The majority of European Jews are converts. In 1967 Israel set up an academic enquiry to study how to expel more Palestinians. There are 65 laws which privilege Jews.

Zwelivelile Mandela:  Apartheid in Israel is the worst form of apartheid that we have ever witnessed.

Gaza: The Great Return March

In this session Ilan Pappe suggested that the mainstream media (MSM) is bribed not to mention Gaza

Ilan Pappe: The MSM never mentions Gaza but it mentions every detail of antisemitism in the Labour Party. Why does it never mention Gaza? Either it’s too timid, or it’s bought, or it’s ignorant. I think one day we will see a Palestinian leadership that talks of a One State Solution. The BBC must stop beinga  broadcaster on behalf of Israel and must begin to tell the truth.

Opening Session

This session saw a call for a One State solution – which would mean the end of Israel as we know it. It also saw FOA founder Ismail Patel slandering Israel.

Zwelivelile Mandela: We continue to call for a One State solution

Wadah Khanfer (former DG of Al Jazeera): The Jewish culture, the Islamic culture and Christian culture thrived in the Middle East

Ismail Patel (founder of Friends of Al-Aqsa): BDS is non-violent, a language Israel does not understand and therefore which it cannot counter. If BDS was antisemitic how can some Jewish people support it? Israel is being antisemitic by trying to deny them their right to speak out, it is denying their Jewishness. Israel and its supporters are weaponising the charge of antisemitism to continue with its colonialist and racist project.

Deal or Disaster of the Century

This session featured the falsehood that criticism of Israel is deemed antisemitic, together with other allegations that Jews misuse the charge of antisemitism. Only antisemites make these kinds of arguments.

Gideon Levy: We face a new stage in which criticising Israel becomes not only impossible but almost criminal. You dare to criticise Israel – you’re an antisemite. My friend Roger Waters is an antisemite? This man of conscience whose father was killed in WW2 as an ambulance driver in Italy? Corbyn can be a major change, if the miracle happens.

Joseph Massad: Israel wants to say that it has the right to kill Palestinians, to steal their land, to establish its state, because it is Jewish, in the name of Jews, and then at the same time it wants to make sure that no-one can criticise it, by claiming that if they criticise it, they are criticising its Jewishness.

In another session an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset,  Yousef Jabareen, called for a boycott of Israeli goods. Hopefully he will face disciplinary measures. It is entirely wrong – indeed treasonous – for an MK to travel abroad and attempt to do harm to their native country.

This event should never have been allowed to take place. It simply fuelled antisemitism. Requests to the Home Secretary to cancel it went unheeded; maybe this is due to the weakness of the government. Ironically at the same time as he failed to cancel the event or refuse entry to the antisemitic speakers from outside the UK, Sajid Javid was telling us how much he loves Israel and that ‘I’ve been determined to safeguard our Jewish communities from this creeping antisemitism which not only fuels hate crime, but also extremism and even terrorism.

UK Lawyers for Israel also contacted the owners of Olympia but the hatefest still went ahead. If there was an event as offensive to Muslims or Christians as this one is to Jews, it would not be allowed to happen. Yet again, Jews are seen as a pushover.  Let’s hope this Israel Hatefest aka Palexpo was the last. It certainly made a thumping loss. Attendance was sparse and the costs of hiring the venue plus travel and hotels for the speakers would have been well into five figures.


Look what happened at the session entitled ‘Britain, Zionism and Jewish Resistance to Israel‘ on Saturday. Greenstein called Israel “Hitler’s bastard offspring”.  A Labour Councillor, Leah Levane, was on the Panel and there is no indication that she protested at this vile antisemitic slander.

And here is a video about the event.


The Metro’s Apology of an Apology

Many were appalled to see this letter in the London freesheet Metro on Friday 28 June.

metro 1.png

  1. The allegation that “every criticism of Israel is considered antisemitic” is nonsense and those who make it mark themselves out as antisemites. There is nothing wrong with criticising Israel as long as you don’t use antisemitic language eg comparing Israeli Jews with Nazis (see IHRA definition of antisemitism)
  2. “….the Jewish people’s hatred of Palestinians”. The “Jewish people” do not hate the Palestinians. To allege that they do is an antisemitic slur.
  3. The convention is that the name of the sender must appear at the bottom of a letter unless disclosure risks harm to the sender or their family. The name of the sender should have been printed.

The Board of Deputies complained and on 2 July the Metro published this apology of an apology:


All it said was that the letter ‘wrongly accused Jewish people for being responsible for the action of the Israeli government’.  What? So it’s OK to say that the Israeli government ‘hates the Palestinians’? No it isn’t. It’s crass and a lie which displays zero knowledge of the Middle East.

Is it really beyond the wit of the Editor (Ted Young) to read and understand the IHRA definition of antisemitism?

Tom Bowden: Hero to Am Yehudi

The life of the non-Jew Tom Bowden marks him out as a hero to Am Yehudi, the Jewish People.

See here, here, here and here

His connection to Israel began during the Second World War when he fought in ferocious battles in British Mandate Palestine while serving in the Royal Scots Greys Cavalry regiment.

In 1941 he was wounded in a cavalry charge in Syria alongside Moshe Dayan, later Israel’s Chief of Staff and Defence Minister, who lost his eye in the battle. After recovering in 1944 he parachuted into Arnhem but was captured and sent to Bergen-Belsen after an SS officer discovered letters from his Jewish girlfriend. He was there for a month prior to the liberation. The experience of handling corpses prompted him to return to Palestine in 1948 to enlist to fight as a volunteer with the Machal under the name David Appel. Bowden was assigned to the IDF’s 7th Brigade and fought at Latrun and in Galilee.

In 1949, after the armistice, he was asked by Chaim Laskov, a founder of the Israel Defence Forces, to start a parachute school at Tel Nof base. Helped by his Jewish secretary, Eva Heilbronner, he wrote Israel’s first training manual, consulting rabbinical scholars for Hebrew translations of new technical terms. As commander and chief instructor of Israel’s first parachute regiment, Bowden brought army surplus parachutes from England and made four jumps ”before breakfast every day.”

diss church.jpg

Bowden died on 10 June age 97. I attended his funeral in Norfolk on I July at St Andrew’s Church, South Lopham followed by the burial at Diss.

diss 1
The Israel Ambassador was present. The Church was full.

diss 2

The service was of course a sad occasion for Tom’s family but it was also a celebration of his rich life. After Israel he returned to Norfolk, becoming a pig farmer and then selling insurance for Hill Samuel. His sons David, Robert and Ken described their father’s amazing abilities with machinery which included restoring a Land Rover. Reverend Canon Tony Billett spoke about the importance of helping others, as Tom had done for Israel.

diss 3

Tom was buried at Diss.  A single plane (his plane) performed a flypast. diss 6

Wreaths were laid, including by the Israel Ambassador and a military attaché.
diss 4
Armed Forces Chaplain Rabbi Reuben Livingstone recited the Jewish Memorial Prayer.

diss 5



Tom Bowden – May he Rest In Peace – Never Forgotten


Postscript 1:

The day after the funeral Elana Overs emailed me. She’s the daughter of Stanley Medicks. He was in Machal too – a platoon commander in the 7th brigade in the War of Independence. There he met Derek (Tom) who became a lifelong friend.

Elana comments that there were 5,000 Volunteers from 59 countries in Machal. Another friend of her father was Gordon Levett, an RAF pilot who flew one of the Messerschmitts bought as war surplus in Czechoslovakia; they bombed the Egyptians when they were 10 miles outside Tel Aviv.

Both late Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ben Gurion (z”l) knew that without these brave Volunteers, who brought their WW2 expertise, the War of Independence would not have been won. In 1993 Prime Minister Rabin (z”l) inaugurated the opening of the Machal Memorial that Stanley built (with the aid of the JNF) to the 123 men and women of Machal who paid the supreme sacrifice. It is just off the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem near Sha’ar Hagai. It was chosen to be near the “Burma Road” built at night by hand in 1948 to bring supplies from Tel Aviv to a besieged Jerusalem.

Elana says “My father loved Derek and always told me that the friendships fought in war are never forgotten. Although a very modest man, Derek would have been proud to have had so many friends, colleagues and dignitaries honour his amazing life.”

“A wonderful interview with Derek (Tom) was done fourteen months before he died:”

“He was an incredibly brave soldier, the like of whom we will not see again.”

I encourage all readers to watch this interview with Tom by Simon Barrett of Revelation TV

Postscript 2

Here’s the Eastern Daily Press report of the funeral. Apologies for not recognising Lord Dannatt (former Chief of the General Staff (head of the Army)).

And Jewish News

Postscript 3

The JC has published Ilana’s obit of Tom Bowden

bowden obit