Abusive emails received ahead of Puma trial

I am publishing abusive emails received prior to the trial yesterday. Most were addressed to me, a few were to Harvey Garfield, another pro-Israel activist. Bruce Levy, an American, was an ever-present at the Ahava boycott. As was Michael Shanahan, a UK national. Tony Greenstein is well-known as an Israel hater. He has been expelled from Labour for abusive behaviour and suspended from the trade union Unison.  All three are anti-Israel obsessives as can be seen from the emails. Apologies for the poor readability of some of the emails – if you enlarge the font size on your screen, it’s easier.

12 March 2019

abuse puma 1

abuse puma 2

More readable version of the 16 March email, above


You don’t have to go to Galloway’s shows. If you want to learn about antisemitism take a look at YOURSELF in the mirror and reflect on your past words and deeds, as EVERYTHING you’ve said and done goes against the tenets of Judaism. Anticipating your appearance at Westminster magistrates. Don’t forget to book your ride in Tesco Harv’s rickshaw. Look in the mirror Scoff and see the biggest antisemite. Bruce Levy.

abuse puma 3

abuse puma 4

abuse puma 5

19 April
abuse puma 6
abuse puma 7

abuse puma 8

abuse puma 9

abuse puma 10

20 May

abuse puma 11

abuse puma 12abuse puma 13abuse puma 14