Puma Trial: You Can’t Shout Down Antisemites

Damon and I would like to thank all who have sent us messages of support, who were there in Court to support us and who contributed to our Defence Fund. We love you all. A special thank you to those close to us who have supported us in the runup to the trial.

For those who would still like to contribute, the link is here.

And yes – Lawfare Won’t Silence Us!


Great honour to have 88-year old Harry Kaufman, Veteran of the 43s, in Court supporting us yesterday


The assault charges were based on fictions.  Watfa claimed that at around 2.30 pm on 8 October I hit her on the right shoulder and then shouted “You Bitch“. It’s a lie. There’s no evidence apart from the statements of Watfa and Lstadt, the woman in the blue jacket in the video.

Both Damon and I were acquitted of the assault charges (they were dropped in fact, being based on lies).  And this wasn’t the only fiction (but I am precluded from saying more). How appalling that the Israel hating antisemites have no compunction in lying blatantly.

I was acquitted of the Public Order 4 charge (intent to cause immediate unlawful violence) – an absurd charge. I was advised on the day to plead guilty to the far less serious Public Order 5 charge (‘likely to cause harassment/alarm/distress’) which carries a small fine. Damon was charged with a Public Order 4a charge (‘causing harassment, alarm or distress’) and on the day, was advised to plead guilty.

There was zero recognition of the degree of antisemitism and demonisation of Israel that we were opposing:

– Watfa speech: “Apartheid” …. “Stolen land” … “From the river to the sea”

– Placard: ‘Kills one Palestinian child every 60 hours’

– Placard ‘Cages one Palestinian child every 12 hours’

puma june 19

It’s high time the CPS and the Courts began to recognise antisemitism ……………The CPS has adopted IHRA, remember!

Also appallingly, the policeman on the case (DC Ahmed Elobeid) ruled that the case be tried as a racial and religious hatred case (Section 145, Criminal Justice Act).  In other words according to him we were there not because we found the antisemitic discourse of InMinds repugnant, but because we are Islamophobes.  What a disgrace:  the Court ignored it.

The message from this verdict is that neither pro-Israel advocates nor campaigners against antisemitism can trust the police or the CPS. It adds to the evidence from other recent cases: The CPS’s failure to prosecute Nazim Ali, who said at Al Quds in 2017 that Zionists were responsible for the Grenfell Inferno, and their initial failure to prosecute the antisemitic singer Alison Chabloz (they eventually took over the prosecution from the CAA).

If we cannot trust in justice, what’s the point?

Postscript (3.8.19)

My interview on Revelation TV (a Christian channel) has been broadcast. You can see it here.

Postscript (18.5.21)

Proves that the Met is infiltrated