One Day in Gaza

This BBC2 programme was appallingly biased against Israel and will add to antisemitism.  It was clear what Olly Lambert’s strategy was. To show the ‘brutal’ IDF responding savagely to innocent unarmed Palestinian protesters who just wanted to cross over the border to see their ancestral lands. Moreover this against a backdrop of US and Israeli political leaders celebrating callously the recognition by the US of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – they would be portrayed by Lambert as uncaring about the loss of life in Gaza.

This is far from the reality – which the programme hardly touched upon. Indeed how could it, when the timescale was constrained to be just one day?

Gaza is ruled by the terrorist organisation Hamas which wants to murder Jews (and BBC “yahud” means ‘Jew’, not ‘Israeli’, please don’t sanitise the antisemitism).  Discontent with Hamas is now in the open – where was that in “One Day in Gaza”? Nothing  happens in Gaza without Hamas so the programme’s suggestion that Hamas was not involved initially in the Friday protests simply defies credulity. The programme said that Israel ‘strictly controls’ goods flowing into Gaza. No – see the COGAT website – all goods are allowed in in unlimited quantities – the exception is items that can be used for weapons manufacture. Children are brainwashed to hate Israelis – there was little reference to this apart from Bader who says that the revolutionary songs sung on the protests encourage him to rip off the head of an Israeli and Bashir Faraj who says he’d kill an Israeli soldier with his teeth and Wisal Khalil who “always wanted to be a martyr”. If the Palestinians were allowed to breach the fence they would go into Jewish homes and murder Israelis – the programme never made this clear. And it failed to explain how the sick in Gaza are often treated in Israel.

There were some elementary errors too. Near the start of the programme the narrator (who was he, with the ridiculous husky voice, was that supposed to represent empathy with the Palestinians?) spoke of the ‘decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital’. Wrong. The USA has long recognised Jerusalem as the capital – the US Senate simply delayed moving the Embassy there.

The worst part came towards the end when it was suggested that Israel used drones to spread toxic gas (there was no mention of tear gas). Israel does NOT use illegal weapons, of which toxic gas is one. The people shown with convulsions were acting. Tear gas does not have that impact – and it must have been tear gas. It’s called Pallywood ………. Note that the film the BBC used was not shot by BBC cameramen!

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