The Newmark Saga: The letter the JC didn’t publish

“On 15 February you published an editorial regarding allegations against Jeremy Newmark when he was CEO of the JLC. You said that ‘he must never again have any role in public life’.  Just three weeks later you reported that the police had dropped the matter and that there would be no investigation into Councillor Newmark. To anybody who had bothered to do their homework it was obvious that Councillor Newmark had done nothing wrong. Last week Councillor Newmark was re-elected. At the Hertsmere Borough Council meeting on 24 April I asked the Council Leader, Councillor Bright, to apologise to Councillor Newmark. He had signed a letter quoting from the JC editorial to known Jewish households in Borehamwood. The despicable innuendo of the letter was that Councillor Newmark’s conduct had contributed to concerns about antisemitism in Labour.

Councillor Bright refused to apologise.

Reporting Councillor Newmark’s re-election last week, you continued on the track of your earlier inaccurate and arguably libellous reporting, maintaining that last year “it was alleged he deceived the JLC out of tens of thousands of pounds.

So now it is your turn to apologise for the completely unjustified maligning of Councillor Newmark. 

Will you?”

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