Since when do Israel haters care about the truth …….


Photo credit: Jack Mendel

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Photo credit: David Collier

Last night in Finchley Road London outside JW3 (the Jewish cultural centre) there was an anti-Israel demonstration led by today’s Yevsektsiya – IJAN (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network UK). I and a few others countered it. The reason for the demonstration was set out in this letter in Camden New Journal. The letter of course is a nonsense. There is nothing illegal or amiss in British citizens volunteering for the armed forces of allies of the UK.  As there is nothing illegal or amiss in non-British soldiers in the British Army.  Many non-British soldiers volunteered in World War Two. By 2008, the British Army included 6,600 foreign soldiers from 42 countries (not including Gurkhas).

The renegades included many of the usual suspects, eg Tom Suarez, author of antisemitic books (the man on the right of the photo).

jw3 2019 suarezPhoto credit: David Collier

At the counter demonstration I read out the ZF’s letter sent to Camden New Journal rebutting the PSC’s letter.

The IJAN flier is reproduced below. It also includes the letter published in the Guardian absurdly comparing Israel to Brunei (which stones LGBT people and adulterers), signed by a clutch of far left ‘luvvies’ including Ken Loach who thinks that MPs who go on demonstrations against antisemitism should be expelled from the Labour Party. (Seret’s response is here).



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The truth however is that Garin Tzabar does NOT “encourage young people to join the IDF”(not that there would be anything wrong with that!).  It simply supports Diaspora Jews who choose to live in Israel and serve in the IDF.

But since when did the truth ever bother Israel Haters ……………….

After the demonstration there was a wonderful film, Good Morning Son – highly recommended (shown in the Seret season). Shame none of the renegades stayed to watch it.


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Look at this barefaced lie. Look who Mizanur Rahman is.  

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