Sunday Times Letter: How Genuine Are Those ‘Survivors’?

Yesterday’s Sunday Times carried this absurd letter from 12 Jewish ‘Holocaust survivors’:
charedi 1 march 2019

The letter was allegedly coordinated by Mr Shraga Stern (and here and here).

charedi 3 march 2019

Presumably the 12 identify as ‘survivors’ in order to embellish their credentials as antisemitism deniers/Corbots/critics of the communal leadership/opponents of teaching children about gays. Note that some of the 12 are members of the Satmar sect that does not accept Israel’s right to exist – so it’s no wonder they find common cause with Mr Corbyn.

It is therefore perfectly legitimate to ask how many of them are genuine ‘survivors’ – that is, they lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies – and how many are merely ‘refugees’ (who fled before the Nazis took over – for example on the Kindertransport).

Because they wouldn’t dare to embellish their status in order to support Jeremy Corbyn would they ……….


I have spoken to one of the signatories – Hyman Bindinger in Newcastle. He knew nothing about the contents of the letter. He was approached by someone he didn’t know at a wedding in Stamford Hill and was asked to put his name to the letter. He saw a signature from someone he trusted. He was asked if he was a survivor and he said “No – I was born at the start of the war”. The person replied to Mr Bindinger “Well that’s good enough for us, you’re a Holocaust survivor.” In fact he was born in September 1937 and left Germany with his parents in 1939. He does not regard himself as a survivor.

I understand that Ms Minia Meisels didn’t know what she was signing either!

This of course casts a shadow of credibility over all the signatories. The Sunday Times obviously didn’t do their due diligence. They have been approached for comment