Chabloz Appeal Thrown Out: The Judgment

To say that the Judge, Christopher Hehir, was ‘brilliant’ is a gross understatement. ‘Phenomenal’ come closer but nowhere near close enough. Not only did he demonstrate Professorial-level knowledge of Holocaust literature … not only were all his many interjections fascinating, relevant and often pointed .. he also (with Ms M Rego) managed to write a wonderfully succinct Judgment in around two hours.

The CPS Counsel, James Mulholland QC, was also hugely impressive. On Tuesday afternoon his forensic cross-examination showed beyond doubt what a vile antisemite Chabloz is. He ended with a well-deserved dig at Chabloz’s ‘musicianship’, noting that she had plagiarised not only Simon and Garkunkel’s El Condor Pasa but also Hava Nagila (I linked to Zemel’s version because I used to sing in the choir) and Evenu Shalom Aleichem. He too showed a mastery of the history of the Holocaust. It was as pleasurable watching Mr Mulholland and Judge Hehir interacting as it was painful to listen to Chabloz’s obscene repulsive filth.

Mention must also be made of the Campaign Against Antisemitism who initiated the prosecution, later taken over by the CPS.

As always I met some lovely people in the court. Harry Kaufman – a sprightly 88 next birthday – is a veteran of the 43s. It’s almost exactly ten years since I wrote about their final reunion.  And Jane Hill whose father liberated Belsen with the British Army.

Here is the excellent Judgment (underlining is mine). Note that Chabloz has repeatedly violated the order banning her from social media for 12 months.