How to beat the Co-Op’s Boycott

I have written about the Co-Op’s entirely unjustified Israel boycott here and here. In the second piece I noted the very high threshold for presenting a motion at the AGM. It needs 100 ‘qualified members’. The definition of ‘qualified’ is that you have to have spent a certain amount at the Co-Op: £250 in 12 months; or buy Co-Op insurance, use Co-Op Legal Services or buy a Co-Op funeral plan.

It is too late to ‘qualify’ for the 2019 AGM on May 18th in Manchester.  But let’s try to move a motion to abolish the boycott at the 2020 AGM.  The cheapest way to ‘qualify’ appears to be to buy travel insurance from the Co-Op. A 50-year old pays about £18 for a one week trip to Europe (member’s price, membership costs just £1). UK residents only.

If we can get 100 signatures we can move a motion in 2020 to abolish the boycott. (Note that to simply sign the motion you will not have to travel to Manchester and attend the meeting in May 2020).

Please tell Luke at We Believe in Israel if you are or become ‘Qualified’ in 2019 (you have to ‘qualify’ before 31 December 2019):

There is a rumour that there will be a motion at the 2019 AGM (this May) to upgrade the current boycott to a full boycott. If such a motion is submitted, the Co-Op Council has the power to veto it, on the grounds that it “may result in publicity which could adversely impact or diminish confidence in the Society ” (Rule 32.5). If it fails to veto it, we can safely conclude that the Co-Op Council does not give a jot about the record levels of antisemitism in the UK………….