Revolutionary Communists given short shrift by cross party alliance in Camden

It’s not enough to adopt IHRA if you then turn a blind eye to it ………….


Some four months ago I blogged about an antisemitic meeting held at a Camden Council-owned venue. I noted that the Executive Director of the charity that occupies the venue (a Camden Councillor) had absolved himself of responsibility for the decision to go ahead with the meeting, even though it was certain to contain antisemitic content.

On Monday night Camden Council was presented with a petition by the Revolutionary Communist Group (a co-organiser of the meeting). They objected to the presence of two Camden Prevent Officers at the meeting and demanded that Camden repeal its adoption of the IHRA Definition. You can see the RCG’s submission here (0:12:30). Their speaker’s name is Sam Rae. Nikki Jameson is next to him.

You can see the robust response of Cllr Oliver Cooper (Conservative Leader of the Opposition in Camden) here (0:15:10), followed by that of a LibDem, Cllr Jenny Headlam-Wells (0:19:27) and of a Labour Member, Cllr Abdul Hai (0:20:12).

Cllr Cooper says on his Facebook page: “I’ve got to admit to having been angry as hell. They were abusing people outside, yelling abuse from the public gallery… and they shouldn’t have bloody been allowed to come in and hijack our council in the first place.”


And thank you to all of you!

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