How to blog for JVL

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A Corbynista warrior recently applied to write for Jewish Voice for Labour, to help whitewash antisemitism in the Labour Party. Guidelines were issued to him, using as a case study the JVL protest last week against the adoption by Waltham Forest Council of the IHRA definition of antisemitism. (This protest was led by the Revolutionary Communist Group – East London). The Corbynista is a Russian emigré named Yev Sektsiya; the document given to Comrade Yev has fallen into our hands …………

  1. You must refer to any reactionaries who oppose you (by calling out antisemitism) as ‘right wing’, ‘far right’ or ‘extreme right’. Thus:‘Far Right support for council adopting IHRA document’; ‘far-right pro-Israel activists’; ‘far-right individuals’. Feel free to defame them as EDL supporters, regardless of the facts.
  2. You must describe comrades who support you in whitewashing antisemitism in Labour as ‘free speech campaigners’.
  3. You must twist what the reactionaries say to make them sound ridiculous (‘Ambrosine Yolanda Shitrit claim[ed] that [adoption of IHRA] would safeguard Jews against an imminent new Holocaust and protect Israel from “antisemites” who want to boycott it.’)
  4. You must describe antisemitic meetings as ‘pro-Palestinian’ and demonise the reactionaries who protest at them as ‘far-right’ (‘She was vocally supported by a collection of other far-right individuals ……….’)
  5. We are happy to work with Communists but do not on any account reveal this (‘Demonstrators … came from Jewish Voice for Labour, Waltham Forest Palestine Solidarity campaign, Stand Up to Racism, local trade unions and a number of left organisations’).
  6. You must insist that the IHRA definition suppresses criticism of Israel, even though it explicitly says that ‘criticism of Israel similar to that levelled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic’(‘…it serves to curtail support for the Palestinian people by suppressing forthright criticism of the state of Israel’).
  7. You must insist that the examples in the IHRA definition are not part of the definition (even though they are) (‘they were circulated as addenda to the definition, not part of it’)
  8. You must distort Kenneth Stern’s involvement with the IHRA definition (‘Kenneth Stern … pointed out that the definition was …. never intended to be used to restrict free speech’).
  9. You must dissimulate about the renegade academics and lawyers who have criticised the IHRA definition. Do not on any account reveal that Anthony Lerman wants to see the end of Israel as a Jewish State and was removed from his position at the IJPR for that reason. Nor that Professor David Feldman has been accused of ‘misunderstanding the nature of contemporary anti-Semitism’ and has been called on to resign because his antisemitism institute hosts boycotters and traducers of Israel. Nor that Sir Stephen Sedley’s criticism of IHRA is muddled and ill-informed. Nor that Hugh Tomlinson’s opinion of IHRA was commissioned by Free Speech on Israel, Independent Jewish Voices, Jews for Justice for Palestinians and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
  10. On no account reveal that many of the ‘more than forty Jewish organisations’ which have criticised IHRA are downright bogus or even antisemitic !
  11. On no account must you accept that Jews have the right to self-determination in a majority Jewish State.
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  12. While outright Holocaust denial is not advisable, feel free to engage in Holocaust revisionism.
  13. Occasionally comrades fall out – but don’t let that dampen your passion to whitewash antisemitism.
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Remembering these guidelines will enable you to become a trusted contributor to Jeremy Corbyn’s Jewish Voice!