Why we countered the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ demo yesterday

demo nov18 3

There was a “Stand Up To Racism” demonstration in London yesterday (17 November), ‘co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and LoveMusic HateRacism, officially backed by the TUC and supported by Diane Abbott MP, John McDonnell MP amongst others.’

demo nov18 2
We counter-demonstrated, protesting against antisemitism and supporting the adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Several people asked us why we were counter-protesting and not in the main demonstration …….. So here are seven reasons, if we didn’t get to talk to you:

– Because the record of Unite Against Fascism in opposing antisemitism is dismal. And here;

– Because this photo was typical of the beliefs of many of the organisations and marchers:
demo nov18 1.png

– Because the speakers included several – eg Len McCluskey  and Mark Serwotka – who think that accusations of antisemitism in Labour are fake and a conspiracy to undermine Corbyn – or that they are ‘created’ by Israel!

– Because the speakers included NUT General Secretary Kevin Courtney who wants to deny Israel the means to defend itself from terror;

– Because the speakers included Matt Wrack who, after Pete Willsman suggested that Jewish “Trump fanatics” could be behind accusations of antisemitism in Labour, said “It was not antisemitic at all”;

– Because the marchers included Jewish Voice for Labour which is simply a vehicle to whitewash antisemitism in Labour;

– Because the acts included Lowkey whose lyrics demonise Israel and sometimes cross the line into anti-Jewish racism………….

That’s why.

PS Thanks to the lady on the march who showed concern when one of our ladies was upset….. At bottom we are all human ………..