We’ve got a little list #2

I went to this meeting last night.  It was in the Old Fire Station in Mayton Street, London – now a neighbourhood centre and a charity part funded by the Islington council tax payer.  The building is on the north side of Mayton Street, on the corner with Hertslet Road. It is in Islington North, the constituency of Jeremy Corbyn:

islington oct 18 map

It was the followup to this meeting. The hard left (Momentum, SWP, PSC, Stop The War) are trying to tell Jews what they should find offensive and trying to build opposition to the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism.

I walked into the room at about 7:10 and was immediately bodily ejected.  So I stood outside on the pavement with an Israel flag and about five other counter-antisemitism demonstraters.

Later Ambrosine Shitrit was asked to leave for filming. Her video is here.

At about 8:15 two girls walked up to us, from Hertslet Road. They had intended to go into the meeting but they didn’t want to be filmed. One of the girls was clearly violent.  I sensed trouble and so went to lock my flag and rucksack in the car round the corner.  When I returned (after about 3 minutes) fellow campaigner Sharon Klaff (age 70) was lying down concussed, half on the pavement, half on the road, between two parked cars. The violent girl had grabbed Sharon’s hair, pulled her to the ground and kicked her in the back and on her head and face.

There were no police at the start of the meeting. I called 101 when I was thrown out. Eventually one policeman came and then I think he went. But after Sharon was assaulted, loads of police came. There must have been 30 of them to escort the people out of the antisemitic meeting at 8:50 when it ended.

With four others I went to the Whittington Hospital to make sure Sharon was OK. She was discharged around midnight.

David Collier’s blog here, setting out the appalling responses from the Corbynite antisemites. Here’s another:

islington oct 18

Report in the Mail here, published last night