The Refuseniks: The Case of the Missing 74 seconds

If you look carefully at the ‘official’ video of the Manson/McDonnell event on Thursday, you will notice that at -0.19 (so 19 seconds from the end) there is an (almost imperceptible) break.

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 4

It comes after the Chairperson says “Jenny just wants to say a few words”, which in turn comes after John McDonnell has finished speaking (about Labour’s fiscal rule). The next thing on the video is Jenny Manson saying “I really want to thank Carl behind the camera”.

Here is an audio.

Listen at 4m 50seconds. McDonnell finishes speaking and you indeed hear the Chairperson say “Jenny wants to say a few words”. But then Ida Symons protests about the many people (mostly Jewish) who had their tickets cancelled. Here is what she says:

There’s some people outside who you have banned from coming in who are Jewish and I want to know why you have banned them from coming … You say you are not antisemitic yet you have banned ….. stopped people coming in”

A man – presumably the Chairperson – says “There are alternative forums

Ida persists: “With tickets. Why have you banned people with tickets?

Then the audio continues at 6:04 with Manson saying “I really want to thank Carl behind the camera” (as per the ‘official’ video).

Everything on the audio from 4m 50 seconds to 6m 4 seconds has been excised from the video.

So………….Selected Zionist Jews and their supporters excluded; the audience told that if they raise the subject of antisemitism, they will be thrown out; and the official record doctored.

Is this what Jeremy Corbyn meant by a “kinder, gentler politics”? My comparison with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 50 years ago seems every more appropriate.

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 refusenik