Momentum and JVL: They don’t want the truth about antisemitism voiced at their hatefest …


“Labour, Britain’s Jews and Antisemitism – A Different Perspective”


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LIST OF OTHERS REFUSED ENTRY:  (Please tell me if you are refused entry and I will add you to the list)

1. David Collier
2. Cheryl Conway
3. Deborah Markham
4. Anonymous
5. Anonymous
6. Sharon Klaff
7. Andrew Peacock
8. Shirley Collier
9. James Windsor
10. Anonymous
11. Judy Wright
12. Y Botchin


Cllr Jas Athwal, Leader of the Council, refused to cancel the meeting despite it contravening IHRA and Redbridge’s Equality Policies. Another Councillor commented:

‘If this meeting goes ahead in a public building it will be an embarrassment to our Borough and make a mockery of the Council’s commitment to stand up to hate. The Council should not be providing a venue for Anti-Semites if they do it is an insult to all of our Jewish residents. Labour also cannot claim this is separate to them. I do not care what structures this grubby organisation has, it is linked to Labour as it was set up to support the Labour Leader and actively campaigns for Labour. This Labour Council needs to sort this out.

If the Council doesn’t its words on Anti-Semitism will ring hollow. They are already pretty hollow after the appalling answer to [xx]’s question during our last full Council. [xx] raised a legitimate point and all he got was a rant about him only raising it for political purposes and that other forms of racism were worse. It was a shabby answer, no one from ANY community should have their concerns belittled in the way that they were. Well done [xx] for raising it. Redbridge Labour like to have the Labour brand when standing in elections, but seem to thing they are immune to the failings of their national party. Redbridge Council is not independent it is a Labour Council and as such is not separate from the Labour party nationally.’

We demonstrated outside the meeting. We were joined by former Mayor Ashley Kissin. Attendees included former Mayor Barbara White, Cllr Andy Walker and Deborah Fink.   It was chaired by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. Good conversations with a bright Year 13 girl who wants to read International Relations at University and later with a semi-retired Muslim guy who volunteers with the homeless in Redbridge.

A Council Officer spoke to us. He was also locked out!