Tonge: Formal complaint sent to Lords Standards Commisioner

[address supplied]

28 October 2018

Dear Ms Scott-Moncrieff

I again request that you open an investigation into Baroness Tonge’s conduct. I submit that she has failed to act on personal honour.

On 27 October 2018 ten Jews were murdered by a gunman in Pittsburgh. Tonge’s response was this:
tonge pittsburgh oct 2018 2


In other words Tonge is blaming the actions of Jews for the worst antisemitic atrocity in American history.

Over 2000 people have signed a petition requesting you to start an investigation into Baroness Tonge’s failure to act on personal honour:

In response to previous complaints about Tonge you have said that the Code does not extend to members’ performance of duties unrelated to parliamentary proceedings and you interpret that as precluding an investigation. I respectfully suggest that your interpretation is much too narrow. It is equally possible to conclude from Baroness Tonge’s parliamentary activity that her comments in emails and social media are directly related to this activity.  Baroness Tonge speaks about Israel and puts questions about Israel constantly in the Lords.

I again request that you begin an investigation into Baroness Tonge’s failure to act on personal honour.

A hard copy will follow to you in the post.

Yours sincerely
Jonathan Hoffman

Brainwashing students to hate Israel and Zionists

Last week Bristol University Socialist Workers Students Society hosted Rob Ferguson of Jewish Voice for Labour and the SWP to speak about ‘Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine’. Ferguson claims to be a retired sociology lecturer.  If you do a Google search you will find no reference to any university post in his name. He says he is Jewish but he had no qualms about speaking in Bristol on Kol Nidre.

The meeting was part of a series of similar meetings arranged by hard Left Corbyn supporters, designed to deny Labour’s antisemitism problem, challenge the IHRA definition of antisemitism and vilify Israel. On the same day this was happening in London.

Indoctrinating adults with JVL lies is bad enough but when it comes to indoctrinating students, it’s poisonous. But that’s precisely what Ferguson did; no matter that he was careful not to cross the line into antisemitism. He told the students that the numbers calling themselves ‘Zionists’ has gone down (zero evidence for this); he spoke about the ‘oppression and dispossession of the Palestinian people’ (a nonsense); gave a completely one-sided history of the years between Balfour (1917) and the establishment of Israel in 1948; described Gaza as a ‘prison camp’; failed to even mention Hamas in his discussion of Gaza; described Israel as a ‘settler-colonial enterprise’; denied antisemitism by referring to it as a ‘weaponising ideology’ for the far right;  advocated ‘One State’ which is code for destruction of the world’s only Jewish state; wrongly assumed that the Right of Return is a given for Palestinians; and suggested (“seeing the process play out”) that hostility to Arabs on the part of some Israeli Jews is behind the ascendancy of parties on the far Right in some European countries eg the Sweden Democrats.

bristol oct 2018

The only silver lining to this anti-Israel propaganda assault on young minds by a Corbynite is that Labour is failing to gain support among young people – the opposite, in fact.


Here is Ferguson talking to an SWP meeting in Manchester on 5 September, the day after Labour’s NEC met and accepted all the examples in the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

His distortion of Zionist history is nothing short of shocking.  In the 1930s there was communal strife in Palestine between Jews and Arabs. Arab attacks resulted in a boycott of Arab workers and produce. Ferguson seizes on this in order to tarnish Israel: “Right from the beginning of the Zionist project this process of dispossession and exclusion was written into this Zionist project” (-16:50).

He characterises the First Intifada as a peaceful protest that was met with intense violence by the IDF.  No – It was far from ‘peaceful’.

He tells his audience that the Mohammed Al-Dura incident characterised the Second Intifada. The reality is that it was almost certainly a hoax.

And he quotes Ahad Tamimi who apparently said she wants to see a return to pre-1948 “when Jews, Moslems, Christians, Palestinians could live together in equality as they had done for hundreds of years”. This is a big lie. Jews and others had no equality in the Ottoman Empire and were persistently persecuted.

Boycott the Co-Op (contd) …… The Co-Op’s Catch-22

I wrote about the Co-Op’s Israel boycott policy here.

co op meeting october 2018
On Wednesday I went to the Co-Op members’ meeting in London. I spoke in opposition to their Israel boycott.   I got the usual brush-off (from Sir Christopher Kelly, ex-HMT).

However a number of Co-Op staff and Council and Board members were there and a few of them seemed supportive in 1-1 conversation after the formal proceedings.

NED Stevie Spring suggested that I bring a motion at the 2019 Co-Op AGM to reverse the boycott. She explained that the boycott was originally implemented as a result of a democratic vote of Co-Op members so it can only be reversed by a similar vote.

There is a glaring hole in your argument, Stevie.  It was THE CO-OP BOARD which in April 2012 hardened the boycott to cover distributors who source from Judea/Samaria. If the Board can make policy, it can unmake policy. It doesn’t need an AGM motion.

Nevertheless after the meeting I looked at the rules for proposing  a motion at the AGM.  They are here (page 23). It needs 100 ‘qualified members’.

And what is the definition of ‘qualified’? It’s on page 25. You have to have spent a certain amount at the Co-Op.

And what is that amount, determined by the Co-Op Board and Council? It’s set out here (click on ‘Purchase Regulations’). You have to have spent £250 in 12 months at the Co-Op; have insurance with the Co-Op; use Co-Op Legal Services; buy a Co-Op funeral plan; or have an active Co-Op bank account.

In other words, Catch-22.  No Israel supporter is going to spend this kind of money at the Co-Op.

So come on, Co-Op Board and Council.  This is a blatantly discriminatory policy which is based on lies. And it’s damaging your business. You are opening several branches in areas of NW London where the Jewish population is significant.

Over to you!


We’ve got a little list #2

I went to this meeting last night.  It was in the Old Fire Station in Mayton Street, London – now a neighbourhood centre and a charity part funded by the Islington council tax payer.  The building is on the north side of Mayton Street, on the corner with Hertslet Road. It is in Islington North, the constituency of Jeremy Corbyn:

islington oct 18 map

It was the followup to this meeting. The hard left (Momentum, SWP, PSC, Stop The War) are trying to tell Jews what they should find offensive and trying to build opposition to the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism.

I walked into the room at about 7:10 and was immediately bodily ejected.  So I stood outside on the pavement with an Israel flag and about five other counter-antisemitism demonstraters.

Later Ambrosine Shitrit was asked to leave for filming. Her video is here.

At about 8:15 two girls walked up to us, from Hertslet Road. They had intended to go into the meeting but they didn’t want to be filmed. One of the girls was clearly violent.  I sensed trouble and so went to lock my flag and rucksack in the car round the corner.  When I returned (after about 3 minutes) fellow campaigner Sharon Klaff (age 70) was lying down concussed, half on the pavement, half on the road, between two parked cars. The violent girl had grabbed Sharon’s hair, pulled her to the ground and kicked her in the back and on her head and face.

There were no police at the start of the meeting. I called 101 when I was thrown out. Eventually one policeman came and then I think he went. But after Sharon was assaulted, loads of police came. There must have been 30 of them to escort the people out of the antisemitic meeting at 8:50 when it ended.

With four others I went to the Whittington Hospital to make sure Sharon was OK. She was discharged around midnight.

David Collier’s blog here, setting out the appalling responses from the Corbynite antisemites. Here’s another:

islington oct 18

Report in the Mail here, published last night

The Refuseniks: The Case of the Missing 74 seconds

If you look carefully at the ‘official’ video of the Manson/McDonnell event on Thursday, you will notice that at -0.19 (so 19 seconds from the end) there is an (almost imperceptible) break.

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 4

It comes after the Chairperson says “Jenny just wants to say a few words”, which in turn comes after John McDonnell has finished speaking (about Labour’s fiscal rule). The next thing on the video is Jenny Manson saying “I really want to thank Carl behind the camera”.

Here is an audio.

Listen at 4m 50seconds. McDonnell finishes speaking and you indeed hear the Chairperson say “Jenny wants to say a few words”. But then Ida Symons protests about the many people (mostly Jewish) who had their tickets cancelled. Here is what she says:

There’s some people outside who you have banned from coming in who are Jewish and I want to know why you have banned them from coming … You say you are not antisemitic yet you have banned ….. stopped people coming in”

A man – presumably the Chairperson – says “There are alternative forums

Ida persists: “With tickets. Why have you banned people with tickets?

Then the audio continues at 6:04 with Manson saying “I really want to thank Carl behind the camera” (as per the ‘official’ video).

Everything on the audio from 4m 50 seconds to 6m 4 seconds has been excised from the video.

So………….Selected Zionist Jews and their supporters excluded; the audience told that if they raise the subject of antisemitism, they will be thrown out; and the official record doctored.

Is this what Jeremy Corbyn meant by a “kinder, gentler politics”? My comparison with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 50 years ago seems every more appropriate.

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 refusenik

The Refuseniks: Weeding out the Zionists from a would-be Labour candidate’s meeting

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 refusenik

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 1

Jenny Manson is Chair of Jewish Voice for Labour. JVL is an organisation that appears to lend legitimacy to antisemitism by giving it the ‘kosher seal of approval’. JVL is led by a handful of vocal Jews from the far-left fringe, who have been accused of using their Jewish identity to render antisemitism acceptable. Its membership includes a large number of non-Jews, many of whom have been accused of antisemitism.

Manson herself has said “When I began to identify as a Jew in order to argue against the State of Israel and its behaviour and its conduct, my mother supported me, which was very welcome”

(Palestinian Women Speak Out, LMC, 19th March 2018)

In other words the only reason she identifies as-a-Jew is because she believes it gives her credibility in traducing Israel.

I recently (representing the excellent Labour Against Antisemitism organisation) debated with Manson in a BBC World News debate. To say that her performance was an execrable car-crash would flatter it.

Manson mistakenly believes she can win a NW London seat for Labour.  Her campaign begins tonight with a ‘head-to-head’ with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. But like her Party she is making the mistake of thinking it’s astute political strategy to lock out those of us (plus supporters) who fight antisemitism from within the mainstream of the UK  Jewish Community. Thus far the following have had their tickets cancelled. Please tell me if you want your name added:

Jonathan Hoffman
Harry Goldstein
Joanne Bell
Colin Appleby
Euan Philipps
Ambrosine Chitrit
Richard Millett
Martin Hizer
Rosalie Julius
Deborah Markham
Jonathan Glass
David Collier
Damon Lenszner
Judy Weleminsky
Sidney Myers
Nir Finch-Cohen

In addition Jenni Frazer – a journalist for Jewish News – had her ticket cancelled because of a claimed accreditation issue:
jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 2

Addendum: The JC has also been barred   

Update: Journalists now admitted

Except ….
jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 etan smallman

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 etan 2

Update: Colin Appleby was admitted after intervention by McDonnell, see his Tweets here. Finch-Cohen (a schoolboy!) was admitted after intervention by liberal Rabbi Rich.

And Ida Symons in the Q+A dared to raise the banned topic of antisemitism in Labour – and the microphone was promptly removed from her.

Update: Protesting outside, we saw Tapash Abu Shaim going into the hotel.  Allegedly a racist, you can read about him in David Collier’s exposé of the PSC.  

What kind of meeting welcomes Abu Shaim but excludes 16 campaigners against antisemitism?

jvl manson mcdonnell oct 2018 3




Momentum and JVL: They don’t want the truth about antisemitism voiced at their hatefest …


“Labour, Britain’s Jews and Antisemitism – A Different Perspective”


redbridge momentum    redbridge momentum 2redbridge momentum 3

LIST OF OTHERS REFUSED ENTRY:  (Please tell me if you are refused entry and I will add you to the list)

1. David Collier
2. Cheryl Conway
3. Deborah Markham
4. Anonymous
5. Anonymous
6. Sharon Klaff
7. Andrew Peacock
8. Shirley Collier
9. James Windsor
10. Anonymous
11. Judy Wright
12. Y Botchin


Cllr Jas Athwal, Leader of the Council, refused to cancel the meeting despite it contravening IHRA and Redbridge’s Equality Policies. Another Councillor commented:

‘If this meeting goes ahead in a public building it will be an embarrassment to our Borough and make a mockery of the Council’s commitment to stand up to hate. The Council should not be providing a venue for Anti-Semites if they do it is an insult to all of our Jewish residents. Labour also cannot claim this is separate to them. I do not care what structures this grubby organisation has, it is linked to Labour as it was set up to support the Labour Leader and actively campaigns for Labour. This Labour Council needs to sort this out.

If the Council doesn’t its words on Anti-Semitism will ring hollow. They are already pretty hollow after the appalling answer to [xx]’s question during our last full Council. [xx] raised a legitimate point and all he got was a rant about him only raising it for political purposes and that other forms of racism were worse. It was a shabby answer, no one from ANY community should have their concerns belittled in the way that they were. Well done [xx] for raising it. Redbridge Labour like to have the Labour brand when standing in elections, but seem to thing they are immune to the failings of their national party. Redbridge Council is not independent it is a Labour Council and as such is not separate from the Labour party nationally.’

We demonstrated outside the meeting. We were joined by former Mayor Ashley Kissin. Attendees included former Mayor Barbara White, Cllr Andy Walker and Deborah Fink.   It was chaired by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi. Good conversations with a bright Year 13 girl who wants to read International Relations at University and later with a semi-retired Muslim guy who volunteers with the homeless in Redbridge.

A Council Officer spoke to us. He was also locked out!