JVL and Press TV deserve each other

On Tuesday 4 September with other pro-Israel activists I was outside Labour HQ to advocate for full acceptance by the NEC of the IHRA definition of antisemitism – without any caveats.

Here is the Press TV live coverage. It is mostly of the pro-Corbyn demonstration. At -1:07:27 you can see Naomi Wimborne Idrissi’s obscene (and yes antisemitic) explanation of what Zionism is (she’s a member of Jewish Voice for Labour which organised the pro-Corbyn demonstration):

“…. The Zionist movement which has at its root the idea that Jews are distinct from other human beings, cannot live in harmony with other human beings, that antisemitism is some sort of congenital deficiency that all non-Jews have and that Jews need to live apart.”

The same woman who told LBC that antisemitism is a joke.

At -21:00 the Press TV journalist, Robert Carter, approaches me for an interview. He says he is “doing a Facebook Live”. When I ask him for whom he is working he lies: “LBT a Youtube News Channel … London Broadcast.” And look at the camera angle they use. Far too close so that you can even see the bottom front tooth I broke as a 12 year old goalkeeper at school. Not to mention my vulpine nose (that one for you Ilana, shana tova).

JVL and Press TV. They deserve each other.