Lord Phillips of Sudbury thinks Jews complain about antisemitism too much

Our old friend Lord Phillips of Sudbury (LibDem) (“America is in the grip of a well-organised Jewish lobby“) has been quiet for some time – he retired from the Lords in 2015. But up he popped on BBC Radio 4 World at One today (24:16)  He was at the Tunisia Conference that Jeremy Corbyn attended.  Presumably he called the BBC to tell them, jumping at the chance to voice his repugnant views on the BBC.

He defended Corbyn laying the wreath for the Black September terrorists who were complicit in the Munich massacre in 1972.  “It was part of a very busy … very crushed programme .. I could quite imagine he was asked to go along and lay a wreath …… I could absolutely imagine that he was drawn into this slightly shambolic, huge meeting and laid a wreath that he thought just for the people who died, and then got caught up in what he’s now caught up with – and of course we live at a moment in time when the sort of antisemitic thing has in my view grown out of all control and good sense.

A LibDem Peer defending the Labour leader for an act which has been pretty much universally condemned …….. Demonisation of Israel makes strange bedfellows,