Rosenberg’s libel in the Morning Slur

Yesterday the Communist newspaper Morning Star published a revolting mendacious article by David Rosenberg.  The piece is built on the libel that the Jewish leadership is unwilling to sit down with Corbyn. What is missing is the question of what is the point of another meeting, when Corbyn abjectly ignored that leadership in a previous meeting. See here. Just to underline where he is coming from, Rosenberg throws a quote from Jesus at the Jewish leadership ….. Well right back at you, Mr Rosenberg:

‘And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free’.

Then we get the ridiculous and offensive trope from the Corbot lie machine that Jewish allegations of antisemitism in Labour are fabricated in order to stop a supporter of a Palestinian State becoming Prime Minister. Would Rosenberg say that Muslim anger with Boris Johnson is fabricated, in order to divert attention from Labour’s antisemitism crisis and help bring down the Conservative government? Of course he wouldn’t.  So why are Jews fair game for his Stalinist malice?

Ah …. it’s because they are not Corbots (‘….the false outrage of a few loud, but actually unrepresentative, self-defined Jewish leadership bodies, who are a bit top-heavy with Conservative supporters in any case’). One, how does he know? Two, even if he is right, does he not think that Labour’s institutional antisemitism might have something to do with it?

Rosenberg is also a lazy researcher because his bile is packed with elementary mistakes. The JLC is not ‘unelected’. Its Council is its executive branch, comprised of members of its constituent organisations. Many of these ARE ‘elected’ eg the President of the Board of Deputies, the Chair of the ZF, the President of UJS. Only these Council members have a vote. Up to three Trustees can be co-opted. They also have a vote. Co-opting a limited number of executives is accepted corporate governance practice. While we’re at it, since when do Communists respect the democratic process? The very notion of a ‘class struggle’ is inimical to the democratic process.

Rosenberg hasn’t even bothered to check his facts (since when do Communists care about those….). There is no synagogue which denies its female members a vote for its Deputies. Membership of the Board is not confined to synagogues. Any Jewish organisation can apply for membership. At least 15 non-synagogue bodies are members eg Yachad, AJEX, ORT, Jewish Women’s Aid, Limmud, UJS, Holocaust Survivors’ Centre. ‘Decisions of the Board are made by paid officers not ordinary elected members’ he writes: so how come there was a vote on Yachad’s membership or on the Board’s project with Oxfam? All important decisions are made by Deputies or by their elected Honorary Officers (full disclosure: I was a Deputy from 2009-2015).

Here is Rosenberg on the concerns of Jewish leaders about antisemitism: ‘Probably the least of their nefarious activities is how they have cheapened and devalued that term to the point where ordinary people outside the community are getting dangerously tired of hearing about it and might not react to actual cases.’

The opposite! In one week, Theresa May’s lead over Corbyn has risen by seven points. The Conservatives now have a four point lead over Labour, versus level pegging last week. This is Corbyn’s lowest rating and Labour’s lowest voting intention since last year’s election.  Corbyn’s failure to oppose antisemitism is proving to be the most crass political mistake since the inclusion of the ‘dementia tax’ in the Conservative  2017 election manifesto.

There’s more of this drivel. Rosenberg defends the timing of Corbyn’s Guardian article (just a few hours before Shabbat) by saying that the Jewish Chronicle is also published on a Friday.  Doh ……… Comparing apples with pears is a no-no even for a Commie: One is a weekly newspaper, the other was a controversial policy statement regarding the Jewish community from the so-called ‘Leader’ of the so-called ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’.

And why are these pesky Jews banging on about antisemitism? Why can’t they discuss the appropriate role of the State with Jezza? (‘And then he brings up transport and asks for the Jewish community view on renationalisation of the railways ….).’ Why indeed. I think we should be told what the Jewish view is of the failure of the Virgin Trains East Coast franchise. And why stop there? We could discuss with Corbyn whether the UK should remain in the single market. Or whether the motorway speed limit should be raised to 80mph. Much more relevant to the Jewish community than boring old antisemitism …

Of course Jezza can do no wrong by Mr Rosenberg.   How’s this for economy with the truth:

Back in April he had a very relaxed encounter with 100 young Jews. He spent four hours at a Seder night to mark the festival of Passover with them and a few older ones, like me.

The reference of course is to the Jewdas ‘Mocking Seder’. Not only was it held on the wrong night, the Jewdas ‘Haggadah’ was a string of obscenities which had no connection with Judaism whatsoever:

jewdas haggadah 2
A while ago I met someone who had seen Mr Rosenberg on a Stop The War march.  Immediately in front of his Jewish Socialist Group delegation, a group was chanting: “Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud” which means “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.”

The person I met asked Rosenberg to read about the chant and asked him whether he was going to object to it. The response? “No. We are in a position of solidarity with comrades on the March and it was not our place to do so.”

It says it all about Communists, doesn’t it…