My emails with Jeremy Corbyn before the antisemitic meeting in the House of Commons on Holocaust Memorial Day, 2010

From: Jonathan Hoffman

Sent: 23 January 2010 14:37

To: CORBYN, Jeremy

Subject: meeting on wednesday

Dear Mr Corbyn

Why are you hosting a meeting on Wednesday in the Boothroyd Room (Portcullis House) which will be a farrago of lies about Israel, will demonise Israel and may wel contain elements of antisemitism?

And why are you opposing a change to stop Universal Jurisdiction being abused to arrest Israelis who come to the UK?

Sincerely Jonathan Hoffman

From: CORBYN, Jeremy []

Sent: 24 January 2010 23:07

To: Jonathan Hoffman

Cc: PETERSEN, Nicolette

Subject: RE: meeting on wednesday

Dear Jonathan,

thank you for writing.

How on earth do you know what will be said at a meeting yet to be held?

I support universal jurisdiction for people who have evidence against them of human rights abuses. Thje concept of universal jurisdiction was decided by the Law Lords in 1998 whilst dealing with the Pinochet case. My EDM tries to protect that principal, and not allow the decision to issue an arrest warrant, or not, as the case may be, to be taken away from a District Judge and passed to the Attorney General.

I am sure that you agree judicial and political powers ought to be separated.

With thanks again for writing,


Jeremy Corbyn
From: Jonathan Hoffman
Sent: 25 January 2010 08:11
To: ‘CORBYN, Jeremy’
Cc: ‘PETERSEN, Nicolette’
Subject: RE: meeting on wednesday

You wouldn’t host a meeting that was offensive to the vast majority of Muslims —- so how come you think it’s OK to host a meeting that’s offensive to the vast majority of Jews…………..?

Judicial and political powers have never been separate nor is it possible to separate them. That is why the  Attorney-General is a political appointee. Universal Jurisdiction is being abused to arrest innocent people who have every right to visit the UK.

I know pefectly well what will be said on Wednesday – (i) I have “debated” with Meyer before (ii) He is on a tour through the UK and the first meetings – in Scotland – have already been reported:

Comparisons of Israeli actions with those of the Nazis – which is what he will make – are antisemitic, see the EUMC Definition which is accepted by the Parliamentary Committee on Antisemitism:

You are hosting a meeting in Parliament on Holocaust Memorial Day which will contain antisemitic references – what a disgrace.

Sincerely, Jonathan Hoffman