Robert Cohen’s Disingenuous War Against Jews

Robert Cohen claims he was born Jewish. But he married a Christian Vicar and plays no part in Jewish communal life. A former BBC journalist, he’s head of communications for the Co-Op – which has an almost complete Israel boycott.

He even besmirches the memory of Anne Frank to promote his War against Israel.

Late last week he published a vile, disingenuous piece about the UK Jewish leadership, pretending to be the Righteous Jew who will save his co-religionists. 

It reads exactly like the kind of Soviet antisemitism which culminated in the ‘doctors’ plot’ in 1952 and in the vicious antisemitism in Komsomolskaia Pravda (the newspaper of the Young Communist League) in 1967, echoed in Moscow State University.

Here is a precis, with my comments in emboldened italics, plus links that call out Cohen’s antisemitic lies:

Jews lie about antisemitism in Labour:The UK is a wonderful place for Jews. But they are lying about antisemitism in the Labour Party, because they don’t like Corbyn’s support for the Palestinians.. For their own protection, we need to call out their lies to try to stop them. Otherwise there might be a wave of genuine antisemitism, in revulsion at their lies.’

‘I’m yet to see a credible piece of evidence that demonstrates that antisemitism is rife in the Labour Party. ‘

Tomlinson was paid by four anti-Israel organisations:The IHRA definition is the ‘gold standard’ for the Jewish community. The NEC was wise to cut out part of the IHRA referring to Israel. They were guided by the opinion of a famous QC, Hugh Tomlinson. ‘

What other minority is told that it cannot define what oppresses it? ‘It should not be up to Jews to decide what oppresses them. David Rosenberg has called Corbyn an anti-racist – so he must be. So have Klug and Lerman.’

‘She [Margaret Hodge] has cynically drawn on her family’s direct experience of the Holocaust to bolster her special right to pronounce on the subject.’

Rosenberg’s Morning Star article last week about Margaret Hodge disgracefully accused her of exploiting her family’s experience of the Holocaust.

Jews are selfish and don’t care about social problems:
Jews don’t care about ‘ending economic austerity, funding for the National Health Service, affordable housing, safer communities, and care for the elderly.’ All they care about is ‘Israel, and how best to protect it from criticism.’ This attitude risk causing genuine antisemitism and I want to protect them before it’s too late.’

Cohen doesn’t realise that the Nation State bill was revised to remove the protection for separate communities  ‘The Nation State law makes it impossible to defend Israel  –  it supports ‘creating apartheid communities’.’

Jews use the charge of antisemitism to suppress free speech (the Livingstone formulation) ‘When non-Jews criticise the Jewish establishment’s “War Against Corbyn” they are accused of antisemitism. That’s why Jewish Voice for Labour and Independent Jewish Voices are so “vital to our long-term well-being in the UK” . ‘

It is Cohen – with his ‘War Against Israel’ – who stokes up antisemitism!