Roger Waters’ antisemitic projection in Hyde Park

On Friday 6 July Roger Waters played a concert in Hyde Park. During the intermission some slides were shown with the theme ‘Resist’, to warm up the audience for the anarchic songs in the second half. This was one of the images:

roger waters

‘Resist Israeli anti-semitism’. What does it mean? It can only refer to the response ‘Arabs are Semites too’, said to those who complain about Middle Eastern antisemitism. Meaning that ‘how can Semites be antisemitic?’  Or in this context “Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is antisemitic’.

But this response is itself antisemitic. The word ‘antisemitism’ means hatred of Jews. It has nothing to do with the word ‘semite’ – which is why it is correctly spelled without a hyphen.

Hyde Park is a ‘Royal Park’.  There are special rules for the Royal Parks.  For example: ‘banners or placards may not be displayed while in the park’.

No banners and placards, yet Roger Waters is allowed an antisemitic projection?

Go figure ………..