Rosenhead and Sizer demonise and stereotype Jews on PressTV

This nasty PressTV programme was broadcast today with Jonathan Rosenhead and Stephen Sizer.

Jonathan Rosenhead leads the academic boycott and is Vice Chair of the hardcore antisemitic Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He’s Vice Chair of Free Speech on Israel and a leader of the closely related JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour).

Stephen Sizer left his job as a Church of England Vicar after the Board of Deputies criticised him for publishing antisemitic materials and the Bishop of Guildford banned him from comments about the Middle East on social media for six months.  Corbyn defended him.

In the programme, Rosenhead blames Jewish institutions for whipping up fears about antisemitism: “Many Jews are fearful and feel that the Labour Party is infected with antisemitism. That’s the result of the campaign by the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council

Sizer repeats the lie about the YouGov polls, suggesting there is more antisemitism on the right than on the left.

Sizer stereotypes the UK Jewish Community:Clearly the Jewish Community – or the Zionist Community – is paranoid about Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next Prime Minister” …….. Notice how he forgets to say ‘Zionists’ instead of ‘Jews’ – thus betraying his antisemitic intent………..

…. and then implicitly demonises itThe strategy that ‘they’ [=the people who attack Corbyn, but it comes immediately after the stereotype] use is consistent, they will try and intimidate you by criticism. And if that doesn’t work they will try and isolate you by intimidating others. And if the isolation doesn’t work they will try and incriminate you – accuse you of criminal behaviour, antisemitism, Holocaust denial and so on.”

Rosenhead plays the victim: “It’s a campaign  to say we are the wrong sort of Jews and it’s not very much of  a step to say that JVL is a nest of antisemites” ….

….. lies about the Prevent counter-extremism programmePrevent is supposed to be about terrorism but it’s actually focussed on Palestine” ……….

…. and voices the antisemitic wish for the end of the Jewish State: “I believe Corbyn is bound to lead the Party towards the logic of a One State solution but One State where half the people are not disenfranchised and dominated by the other in a racist regime.”

corbyn pinter.png

And look how PressTV uses the picture of Corbyn when he first met Rabbi Pinter, to suggest that all is sweetness and light between him and the Jewish Community. But it’s a false picture: Rabbi Pinter was at the BoD/JLC demonstration against Labour antisemitism in Parliament Square and told Jonathan Freedland he’s “very unhappy” with his image being used in this way.

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