Antisemitism Meeting: Corbyn Economical with the Truth?

The Board of Deputies and JLC issued the following statement after their meeting tonight with Jeremy Corbyn:
corbyn meeting bod jlc apr 18

Note the BoD/JLC’s disappointment that Corbyn refused “to adopt the full IHRA definition of antisemitism with all its examples and clauses”. In fact this was NOT in the BoD/JLC’s set of conditions for Labour.  What it said was “The Party should circulate the IHRA definition of antisemitism, with all its examples and clauses, to all members and branches. The Party should work with mainstream Jewish community organisations to develop and implement education about antisemitism. This should include a clear list of unacceptable language, based on the full IHRA definition and on the examples included in your letter of 26 March.

Why wasn’t it in the conditions? Because the NEC HAS ADOPTED the IHRA. Which includes all the examples (contrary to what Jewish Voice for Labour would have you think).

Did Corbyn and Milne SERIOUSLY suggest to the BoD/JLC delegation that the IHRA Definition had NOT been adopted by Labour?

Update: Someone present at the meeting says “Their view was that the definition had been adopted but not the examples(Jonathan Arkush said this on BBC TV after the meeting).  But this is a nonsense:

1. The definition includes the examples, see link above;

2. The top sentence of the definition is unworkable in isolation (‘Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews‘).  For Corbyn/Milne to suggest otherwise, shows they  simply ‘don’t get it’ – or more likely, don’t want to get it.

Update #2: For the last two years the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) has encouraged local authorities to adopt the IHRA definition (1). The JLC kindly shared with me their list of the LAs which have adopted. On a partial examination, I found 13 Labour-controlled authorities which either have adopted it in full or have stated that they adopted the Definition, following the government’s lead: Durham, Harrow, Lancaster (Lab minority), Dudley (Lab minority), Camden, Haringey, Burnley, Corby, Durham, Lewisham, Redbridge, Wakefield, Exeter.  I will try to complete the examination later.

In the light of this Corbyn’s backtracking looks even more scandalous and ridiculous.

Update #3: Diane Abbott lets the cat out of the bag.  Corbyn wants to turn the clock back because he believes the statement that Israel is a racist state has some validity and shouldn’t be deemed ‘antisemitic’. So Jews are the only minority not allowed to say what constitutes prejudice against it.

(1) As of mid-January 120 authorities had adopted; now it’s probably over 150.