Corbyn at the Jewdas “Seder”

Jeremy Corbyn sent a Passover message to the Jewish community. He wrote this:

corbyn passover

‘Decided to stay’ ……….. The choice was between staying and being transported to Treblinka.  The phrase ‘Decided to stay’ horrifically misrepresents what they were faced with. And the word ‘Partisans’ normally applies to the leftists who (earlier) had in large part escaped to the forests. The ghetto fighters were heavily armed and trained and had been calling for a revolt for months (the ZZW, that is, the Betar and Revisionist fighting section who were anti-socialists (and therefore shunned by the ZOB led by the Bund, HaShomer HaTzair and Gordonia)).  So additionally Corbyn has transformed the political identity of those who revolted.

And last night (Monday) Jeremy Corbyn was present at the Jewdas so-called “Seder” (a clue that it was a sham event is the date: the Seder meal occurred on Friday and Saturday evenings, not Monday!)

JC Editor Stephen Pollard is correct: ‘ ….at the very time when Jeremy Corbyn is claiming to be “an ally” in the fight against antisemitism, when he is issuing finely worded statements about his commitment to that fight, the one group he chooses to endorse by his presence just days after the mainstream Jewish community protested about his refusal to take antisemitism seriously is the group that last week issued a statement dismissing the idea that there is any serious issue around antisemitism in the Labour Party.’

Jewdas is a tiny group of anti-Israel narcissistic Jews who attempt to subvert events organised by Jewish Community organisations. They tried to sabotage the Cast Lead Rally and ended up with egg all over their faces.  They called last week’s counter-antisemitism rally a ‘malicious ploy‘. They said ‘But decades ago our communal leadership decided that any criticism of Israel was beyond the pale.’ A sentiment often voiced by antisemites (‘The charge of antisemitism is used to shut down criticism of Israel’),

Eran Cohen was at the ‘Seder’.

Cohen was a member of York University Palestine Society and with them he produced the antisemitic play ‘Seven Jewish Children’. A Jewish student protested and his university life became a horror story as a result of the antisemitic abuse he then received – for protesting. Such are the Jews to whom Corbyn likes to cosy up.

Of course the apologists for Corbyn are telling us that he is entitled to break (unleavened) bread with whomsoever he chooses. Implying that this is just another squabble between typically disputatious Jews with too much time on their hands.

jewdas 2

Well, this is the Jewdas ‘Haggadah’ (it was published a year ago, but you can be sure it hasn’t changed substantively – if at all).  Here is an extract:

jewdas haggadah
Do you imagine Corbyn would have protested if this passage had been read out? Or do you think he would have stayed silent – like he did in the secret Facebook group Palestine Live?

And will those who dismiss this latest Corbyn affront to the Jewish Community be so dismissive about ‘fuck the Queen … Burn down Parliament’?


Here is this year’s Jewdas Haggadah. That ‘prayer’ is not there. But this is:

jewdas haggadah 2

So the man who wants to be Prime Minister was silent when he heard “Fuck the Police … Fuck the Armies” ………………….