Labour, Antisemitism and Those Polls: The Facts

There have been widespread claims on the Left that (a) Antisemitism is worse on the Right than the Left and (b) that antisemitism in Labour has fallen under Corbyn.  Those claims need to be factchecked as they will almost certainly be made in the debate in Bristol West on Thursday and in many other subsequent debates where Labour MPs who attended the counter-antisemitism rally last Monday are called to account (of course to oppose an antiracist rally is itself racist……..).

The first claim is based on a Jewish Policy research paper. I deconstructed it here. The raw data are OK but the way they are written up is shameful. Essentially the definition of ‘antisemitism’ included in the writeup excludes all the data which relate to Israel. It’s like excluding all of the Israel-based examples from the IHRA Definition. But it is Israel-based antisemitism which is the problem on the Left. This chart – taken from the JPR paper – shows the problem.  The Left only look at the left hand chart. But  look at the right hand one! (but note that the anti-Israel attitudes are not those in the widely accepted IHRA Definition).

jpr charts

The claim that antisemitism has fallen under Corbyn can be seen for example here.

Deconstructing it is easy. There are two stages.

First, their researcher has simply transcribed the data from the CAA/YouGov surveys incorrectly, see below.

The improvements in ‘think they’re better‘ and ‘too much media power‘ are both significantly overstated as a result.

But second, the CAA/YouGov poll DOES NOT ASK about the key anti-Israel tropes in the IHRA Definition: saying that Israel is a racist state, making Jew/Nazi comparisons, holding Israel to a different standard from that of other democratic nations and holding Jews everywhere responsible for the actions of Israel.

But (again) these are the key areas of leftist antisemitism!

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