Carcrash and dishonest interview by Jewish Voice for Labour

Watch this carcrash interview by Ian Saville representing Jewish Voice for Labour, who are extreme racists pretending to be a Jewish voice.

The interview is painful to watch.  But at 3:08 Saville cites the report by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research published in September 2017. He says “that found that the biggest problem was not with the Labour Party, it was with right wing parties  .. and the Conservative Party.”

As I wrote at the time, the way that the research findings are presented in this JPR paper is badly flawed: ‘the way this research has been written up does a vast disservice to the Jewish community – most particularly, those in the trenches fighting the antisemites – and is an open goal for the Corbynite far left – where antisemitism is concentrated. ‘

The paper wrongly uses a definition of ‘antisemitism’ which excludes all Israel-based antisemitism. It is this which allows Saville to falsely claim that ‘the biggest problem was not with the Labour Party, it was with right wing parties  .. and the Conservative Party.”
jpr chart march 2018

The biggest problem absolutely IS with the Labour Party.  The above chart is from page 45 of the JPR paper. It shows that the proportion of the ‘very left-wing’ holding at least one anti-Israel attitude (seven out of eight of which are antisemitic) is around 78-79%, way above that for the general population (56%).  Indeed the proportions for all three ‘left’ categories in the chart are significantly above the corresponding proportions for the ‘right’ categories.

If you need more evidence ………….

As well as being called out for racism, Jewish Voice for Labour needs to be called out for dishonesty!



Antisemitic Dog Whistles in Bristol University’s ‘Safe Space’

For the Israel haters, finding someone who (a) claims to be Jewish (b) lived through the Holocaust and (c) compares Israel’s leaders to Nazis, is like winning the Lottery.  They’re even better trophies than Neturei Karta. How can anyone possibly question Jew/Nazi comparisons made by a “Survivor”?  They used the late Hedy Epstein in this way.  In 2010 they paraded the late Hajo Meyer the length and breadth of the UK around 27 January, Holocaust Memorial Day (I compared him with a dancing bear).  It goes without saying that the haters are not fussy about exactitude when they describe their trophies as ‘Survivors’.  In my book (though I admit, it’s controversial) the word ‘Survivor’ should be reserved for someone who survived a concentration camp. Hedy Epstein was never in a camp. She left Germany (on the Kindertransport) on 18 May 1939, for England. The War did not start until 1 September 1939 (the invasion of Poland).

sherwood 1

sherwood 2
So it was that Bristol University Friends of Palestine paraded ‘Holocaust Survivor’ Marika Sherwood on March 16 2018 to vilify Israel.

Like Epstein, Ms Sherwood was never in a concentration camp. Born in 1937, she was in the Budapest Ghetto. Her family escaped being taken to a camp by disguising themselves as Christians (in fact I was told that the family converted to Christianity in the 1920s, though I cannot find documentation for this).  Her explicit shtick is ‘I’m a Survivor so I know what I’m talking about when I compare Israelis to Nazis’;  a previous talk had to have its title changed because of its explicit antisemitism.

The Stephenson Room at Bristol Students’ Union was packed for Ms Sherwood – about 150 people, the vast majority of student age. Ms Sherwood began with her own background (for over 22 minutes – this took over two-thirds of her talk, with no mention of Israel – though there was a further 5 minutes before the Q+A, see below).  She had an uncle who died near the border on the march to Auschwitz. She was ‘very unhappy’ to leave Hungary (in 1948, for Australia) “and it’s partly because of that, that I feel close to Palestinians.” She married an Australian, had a son, then quickly divorced (age 20). She wanted to leave Australia but couldn’t afford it. So she got a job as a clerical officer in New Guinea. This (she said) was her introduction to race discrimination (Didn’t the Budapest Ghetto count? Or as a  child, witnessing Jews being taken to the camps?).   She returned to Australia and went to university in Sydney to learn more about ‘colonialism’, studying Anthropology and Sociology  part-time, while working. She said she was “brainwashed“, especially about the UK, “the mother country”. Then she came to the UK and got a job as a teacher at Hampstead Comprehensive School. She said there was discrimination at the school: the white children were in the higher streams, the black ones in the lower streams: “Anybody in NW3 or NW5 was in the top stream … White kids called black kids ‘Useless Ni**ers’ “. Then ….. “I was stopped from teaching for various reasons … asking too many questions  and doing too much for these lower stream people”.  No wonder she was sacked. Streaming was by evidenced ability. It’s deluded to suggest that a child who was less able but lived in Hampstead would nevertheless have been placed in the top stream, where s/he would have been completely at sea.

Later  Ms Sherwood spent five years in New York. Another teaching job finished because – she said – she got too close to black people. She had also been “speaking out about Israel” and “a lot of the New York Education Department was Jewish” (the first of her antisemitic dog whistles: Jews try to suppress criticism of Israel. Like the Livingstone Formulation………..)

Eventually she turned to Israel.  As expected, we got ‘Holocaust Inversion’.
sherwood 3Source:

Here’s what she said:

… I had hoped that the Jews would have learned that there has to be another way. You don’t kick Palestinians out of their land because some of your ancestors lived there 4000 years ago; we all lived somewhere else 4000 years ago.  Imagine what would happen if all the Brits who emigrated to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and America decided they wanted to come back here. But the Jews have the right to go back to Palestine, why don’t all those people have the right to come back here? … How could Jews behave as they do towards Palestinians is …It’s just disgraceful … I just don’t know how you cannot learn .  I tried to find my uncle’s grave as he died in the march to Auschwitz. How many Palestinans have died in the same way? Did we have memorial to them?  Will the Jews ever look at what they are doing?

This is precisely the same ‘Holocaust Inversion’ that contributed to the former MP David Ward’s suspension  from the LibDem Party in 2013:

Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza … It appears that the suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated.

Don’t be fooled by Ms Sherwood’s ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ faux-naïveté. It’s an act (it reminded me so much of Alison Chabloz in Court ten days ago). She knows precisely what she is doing!

From this it was an easy segue to the Balfour Declaration – and classic Rothschild conspiracies.  Ms Sherwood is known for her dog-whistle hints (“I don’t think enough research has been done into……..”).   Ms Sherwood said that when the UK government abolished slavery in the Colonies (1833), “most of” the £20m compensation paid to slave owners “came from” the Rothschilds.  Fact omitted: The money was a loan, not a gift.  As Ms Sherwood well knows:

sherwood 4Source: Marika Sherwood, After Abolition: Britain and the Slave Trade Since 1807

How deceitful to suggest to the students that the £20 million was a gift – as opposed to a commercial loan … Even in her book she says it was a loan, but then asks about “Rothschild’s motives for giving it……….”.  The motive? How about that the Rothschilds were in the business of banking?  That’s how Meyer Amschel Rothschild (born 1744) made his way out of the Ghetto in Frankfurt, the most repulsively antisemitic city in 18th Century Germany, where Jews were simply not permitted to enter most professions.  The Rothschilds lent money to the government to fund the abolition of slavery, just as they had earlier done so to fund the Wars against Napoleon.

But for Ms Sherwood there has to be a sinister ulterior motive for the loan: “What was going on between the government and the Rothschilds? I could find no trace in either the National Archives or the Rothschild Archives.” Dog whistle… Jewish Power….  It gets worse. Ms Sherwood then returned to the Balfour Declaration (1917) – which was (you will remember) addressed to Lord Balfour. Read what she said – it’s blatant:

“What was going on between the government and Rothschild? And what I found – in trying to research the Balfour Declaration – is that Balfour was in touch with the Rothschilds. Now what was that about? What was that about? Why did Lord Balfour – a senior member of the government, looking at a homeland for the Jews – get in touch with one of … if not the … richest Jewish families in the world? So that needs to be looked at I think, very seriously.”

The truth of course is really simple. Members of the British government talked to Lord Rothschild – and addressed the Balfour Declaration to him – because he was the titular head of the UK Jewish Community.  And sorry Ms Sherwood, they talked to other Jews too, for example the brilliant Chaim Weizmann – who later was the only non-family member allowed into the room where Balfour was dying.

Next came an attack on Israel for the alliance with apartheid South Africa. Yes it was wrong – but then how many other countries were similarly guilty? Or are Jews supposed to know better, because of the Shoah? And why was Israel the only country you mentioned?

Then to the Q+A. Remember, this was a Palestine Society meeting. The female student who was chairing it: “This is a really safe environment … Any act that may be intimidating or aggressive, we will ask you to leave .. but again this is an open discussion.“  Right …

Before the Q+A Ms Sherwood spoke briefly. She told the students egregious falsehoods about history between 1917-1945:

“The amount of land that Palestine was supposed to hand over to the Jews was then specified. The Jews never followed that up and took over more and more land.  Initially they just bought some of the land. But after a while they began to kick Palestinians off their land and they began to raze the villages to the ground and either confiscate the farm animals or kill them. There were wars, which Israel usually won [she seemed to have switched to the post-1948 period]. Hardly surprising given US military support. And when there were protests at the UN … there was never a full discussion because the US always used its veto to prevent a full discussion. So there has never been a UN agreement to what has become Palestine.”

Of course the truth is entirely different. The UN did agree the partition between Jews and Arabs, by Resolution 181 in November 1947.  The Jews accepted it but the Arabs didn’t and started a war, which they lost.

(Surprisingly Ms Sherwood did not mention her most recent dog whistle – that the proposed new Holocaust Memorial in London is ‘simply a payoff in order to retain the friendship of Israel, Britain’s friend in the Middle East’. )

The Q+A. I got the second question. I corrected Ms Sherwood on Rothschild and the Balfour Declaration: no conspiracy. I explained why Israel is not a ‘colonial’ state – it came into being as a result of the collapse of the Ottoman colonial empire. I called Ms Sherwood out on Holocaust Inversion. I explained that Israel has been subject to terror for 70 years and has the most moral army in the world which achieves a civilian:combatant casualty ratio of 1:1, lower than in any other asymmetric war. Then of course the barracking started (“What’s your question mate?”) – so I had to raise my voice to ask my question: “Why are you pumping out lies to these students?”. Of course I was then asked to leave for being “unnecessarily aggressive” (!) in the “safe space”I refused to leave. More from me: “No Palestinians were ‘hounded out’ of their land [as Ms Sherwood said]; they were told to stay, Read Efraim Karsh.They were told by the Mayor of Haifa to stay.” Security was called but it took them another 19 minutes to arrive.

The next question was from ‘Pete’ who volunteers at the Palestine Museum in Bristol.  He said his father was Jewish and a refugee from the Nazis.  “You’re representing everything that’s good about Judaism and Jewish people who have been fighting against injustice throughout the world for hundreds of years.” I said that Ms Sherwood was not Jewish.  An aggressive young man then moved to sit in my ‘safe space’ (the vacant seat to my right): “You need to leave right now .. Security are going to come and drag you out”. Me: “I’m going nowhere, can you take your hand off me?

Pete finished his question: “Why aren’t more people like you? Why aren’t more Jewish people in this country now – and in the US and in Israel – standing up for Palestinian freedom?” See how Ms Sherwood stoked up antisemitism!

Ms Sherwood responded to Pete. In doing so she repeated the Rothschild trope, just in case anyone had missed it first time around: “I wish I had an answer for you….. I wish I did. May I say something about the Rothschilds? I wasn’t thinking a lot of conspiracy [this was obviously aimed at me…] but if Rothschild lent or gave Britain £20 million in the 1830s and in 1917 Britain is consulting with them about something else, just what is going on behind the scenes? … There is so much that is not revealed about what the kind of discussion behind the scenes, very quietly … “

How To Defend an Allegation of Conspiracy Theorising With A Conspiracy Theory… You really couldn’t make it up!

A non-student accused Ms Sherwood of being “down on the Jews” and asked why she seemed not to regard what happened to Jews in Europe in the 1930s as “racism”. And accused her of out-and-out racism for talking about “the Jews”.  Ms Sherwood’s response spoke volumes: “If I was antisemitic, I wouldn’t call myself a Jew, would I?”

Next came a student in a hijab in the front row. Emotionally – she was in tears – she remonstrated with Ms Sherwood about generalising about ‘the Jews’ – just as it was wrong to generalise about ‘the Muslims’.  So far, so good. Unfortunately it went rapidly downhill, way over the red line into the land of false moral equivalence: “A real Jewish person who is practising the religion of God would not do what Israel is doing. Those people who are committing those crimes are Jews but they are not practising their religion, just as when there are horrible Muslims. The Israelis … the horrible Muslims … we should never generalise. You should say ‘the horrible Israelis and the horrible extreme Muslims’.

sherwood image snip
Ms Sherwood’s scarf

Next came a student who pointed out to Ms Sherwood that she was wearing a scarf with a photo of Yasser Arafat, who had made vile statements about Jews.  She agreed!  Next a Jewish student who said that the number of anti-Israel events on campus was very distressing for Jewish students and who told Ms Sherwood that her dog-whistles simply served to stoke up antisemitism (he said he is currently doing a dissertation on the Balfour Declaration). He hit the nail on the head with his question: “Do you agree with me that it’s dangerous to suggest and hint to antisemitic conspiracies on campus to different students when there is a Jewish minority on campus currently feeling very insecure?”  The Chair then tried to pull the meeting back to discussing Palestinian-related issues. Unfortunately for her, that was the very moment when three large security officers materialised, to eject me from the ‘safe space’.  I left waving an Israel flag and shouting “Am Yisroel Chai” four times – and “a pack of lies”. About 20 minutes later the meeting ended prematurely. Another non-student Israel supporter told me he had told Ms Sherwood that she was a ‘bogus survivor’, the meeting had erupted and had ended early.

Well done to those four or five who pushed back. It is a complete disgrace that such a meeting can take place at a British University. At least we had some excellent 1-1 discussions after the meeting (Pete came to talk to me).

Oh and to the student journalist who thinks I am in my 40s … Thanks pal, I owe you a drink! But just for the record, I did not ‘enter the talk shouting and carrying an Israeli flag’. Neither was I ‘escorted off the premises’………

Addendum  Just for a laugh ……….

marika bristol march 2018

The response of the Jewish students at Bristol to the meeting and the above statement is here.

Postscript: Avital Carno, a current Bristol student and the former head of interfaith at Bristol Jewish Society, has written this excellent and passionate cri de coeur……….

‘Palestine Live and Me’

Last Wednesday David Collier brilliantly exposed a cesspit of antisemitism in the secret Facebook group ‘Palestine Live’ (3,279 members).

The following Press Statement has been issued by Thomas Tallon. While I do not agree with Thomas about the Disputed Territories, I salute his judgment in quitting ‘Palestine Live’ in August 2014. Thomas clearly knows what is legitimate criticism of Israel and what crosses a red line into antisemitism. What a contrast with Jeremy Corbyn, who didn’t quit until after he became Labour leader in September 2015, and who appears to have accepted the hardcore antisemitism in the group without so much as a murmur.

‘I joined the ‘Palestine Live’ Facebook group in I think the spring of 2014. I had met Elleanne Green socially, and she struck me as a pleasant enough woman. We chatted for half an hour or so, not about politics. I gathered that she was an actor, and it is possible that my assumption was, if anything, that a member of so strikingly diverse and cosmopolitan  profession was unlikely to be a racist.

I am a Christian and an Englishman with, so far as I know, no Jewish or Arab heritage on either side. I believe in the two-state solution. I believe in Israel’s right to exist, to defend itself, and to be as Jewish as lox on bagels within its internationally recognised borders. I believe also that the Palestinians are suffering grievous wrong and injustice in the occupied territories. I believe, along with the civilised world, that the occupation is unlawful under the provisions of the Geneva Conventions forbidding the settlement of civilians on land conquered in warfare. I also believe, with many Israelis and diaspora Jews, that the occupation is not in Israel’s long-term interest, and I see a large practical difference between the Zionist dream and the imperialist nightmare.

All this by way of introduction to my interest in the Palestinian cause. I joined the Palestine Live group, started by my friend, thinking that it would be reportage, links to reputable news sources. One would indeed see them, but the day came when they were becoming fewer and further between. The comments were taking a very hard and unpleasant tone. Zionists, it seems, want to create a master race. (A deliberate and hostile misunderstanding of the ‘chosen people’, I think, and as such antisemitic per se) The Holocaust is greatly exaggerated. Israel is the result of a colonialist movement  (so much for Mizrachi Jews) and therefore has no right to exist. Jacob Rothschild and his relations control the world’s media and banks and manipulate them in the interests of Jews.

This is not news of the latest settler outrage on a Palestinian farm.  This is Nazi-grade, unequivocal racism, and reader, I wanted no part of it. Seeing no reason not to say openly why I was leaving, I did so on 26 August 2014 with the following words:

pal live tallon march 18

I hoped that this would strike a chord with others of like mind; four ‘likes’ suggest that it did. It’s a pity there weren’t more.

Anyone who joined around or after the summer of 2014 will assuredly have been perfectly aware of what he was getting into.

Being against racism is no particular virtue.  It’s common decency. I write this not to vindicate myself, but for what lawyers call the avoidance of doubt about the Palestine Live page.’

Alison Chabloz cross-examined

On 7 March Alison Chabloz was cross-examined by the CPS’s barrister, Karen Robinson. Grinning and adopting  a persona of bemused innocence, Chabloz repeatedly pleaded that her songs – said to be grossly offensive – were artistic creations which should benefit from artistic licence. She even claimed that the use in one song (((Survivors))) of the melody of Hava Nagila had nothing to do with wanting to compound the offensiveness: “How can an artist explain the reasons for a particular inspiration?

She didn’t understand the phrase ‘denied the Holocaust’.  When it was explained to her,  she responded that there should be an official ‘forensic’ investigation into the Holocaust. She questioned whether gas chambers were used[1]. She suggested that the sources for the number of 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust are unsure: it was unlikely to be more than 1 million.  Ms Robinson asked her if the Holocaust is a fiction intended to create a Jewish homeland. She responded that it was exaggerated. “A disproportionate amount of blame was put on the losers by the victors.”  The “so-called” Holocaust has been used to sustain the “criminal” State of Israel. By sending schoolchildren on trips to Auschwitz and “indoctrinating them into believing  in the deathcamps – of which there is no truth – the so-called Holocaust abusers are using emotional weapons to prevent national feelings amongst European people and to demonise the Germans”.

In a police interview Chabloz said: “My grandfather didn’t fight for our towns and cities to be taken over by non-whites and by non-Christians and he didn’t fight for rules that enable two men to get married and adopt children”. She said that diversity is causing great harm to the UK.  She said her views were about loving one’s own people, not about hating others.   Ms Robinson: “That Ms Chabloz is nothing more than racism”.

Ms Robinson asked about Chabloz’s claim on her blog that her songs ‘have provoked a sharp reaction’. That – she said – means that she knew the songs were offensive.   Her response was “they chose to be offended”.  Asked repeatedly why some people called for her arrest, she said it was because they find the songs funny. “I don’t have powerful friends in government and the police to bring a private prosecution against those who have threatened me.” (This is an antisemitic reference to the Jewish leaders of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which initially brought a private prosecution against Chabloz, presumably in order to put pressure on the CPS which had initially reportedly decided not to prosecute (the pressure worked, the CPS is now the prosecutor.   Of course it’s a misplaced argument – because if these Jews did indeed have ‘friends in government and the police‘ (cf “Jews control the world” … ) then on her logic the CPS would have brought the prosecution in the first place!).

Regarding the words and music of three of her songs. Chabloz repeatedly defended herself by saying that the songs were ‘satirical’ and ‘parodies’ and by pleading artistic licence and the creation of a ‘work of art’: “There are plenty of Jews who find my songs very funny”. Here are the words of one of the three songs for which she is on trial:


To the tune of Simon and Garfunkel ‘El Condor Pasa’

I’d rather be a Gentile than a …. non-Gentile
Yes it’s true. So would you. If you only knew. Mm..Mm
All those lies about their history and the past
To guarantee …Israeli hegemony .. Tribal supremacy. Mm ..Mm
Away, O they’ve been sent away, for their crimes, one hundred times.
Why do, we let them in again, to steal what’s yours, take what’s mine?
And then to moan and whine.  Mmmm ….Mmmm.
The first great lie concerns the Lord above
They claim to be his choice minority
They alone deserve his love. Mmmm ….Mmmm.
The second lie imposes usury, on you and me
Yes it’s true, since Waterloo. Mmmm ….Mmmm.
The third claims Six Million were gassed alive
Their bodies burnt, or so we learn
I used to question, how this could have come to pass
Now I insist. It’s a damn fine tale, I like the story as it is.

(Switches to the tune of an Israeli song, Evenu Shalom Alechem)

The shrunken heads, soap and lampshades
The shrunken heads, soap and lampshades
The shrunken heads, soap and lampshades
I do insist. I like the story as it is.
Electrocution, steam and diesel
Electrocution, steam and diesel
Electrocution, steam and diesel
I do insist. I like the story as it is.
The coloured smoke from the chimney
The coloured smoke from the chimney
The coloured smoke from the chimney
I do insist. I like the story as it is.


“I like the story as it is”: Ms Robinson suggested that this meant that even though Chabloz didn’t believe that six million died, she liked to think it might have been true – and the same with the other verses (‘shrunken heads’ etc). Chabloz denied this – “It’s satire!”  Ms Robinson put it to Chabloz that she had chosen an Israeli song (Evenu Shalom Alechem) purely to offend. The same with Hava Nagila in the (((Survivors))) song.   Response: “How can an artist explain the reasons for a particular inspiration?” Ms Robinson accused Chabloz of using language redolent of Adolf Hitler.


Here are the words of (((Survivors))):

Hello everybody … Thanks for tuning in … New demo … It’s called “Survivors” … With three sets of brackets around it … “

My name is Irene Zisblatt and I come from Hungary
Can you believe what evil Nazi bastards did to me
They gassed me once, they gassed me twice
But escape I did
Over the electric fence
Landed on the train

I saw them taking babies and then tearing them in two
And creepy Dr Mengele he removed my tattoo
They tried to turn my brown eyes blue
Make lampshades from my skin
For months I swallowed diamonds
And shat them out again.

(Switches to tune of Hava Nagila)

Come on, my brother
Tell us another
Story for cover
Of tribal gain
Safe in our tower
Now is the hour
Money and power
We have no shame

Let’s cheat and lie on film
No one suspects a thing
Bigger the lie is better for us!
Every fake survivor
Every fake survivor’s laughing
Fake survivors’ tongues are wagging
All us frauds are busy blagging
Spin and yarn there’ll be no gagging
You shall pay
All the way
Every night and day!

My name is Elie Wiesel may I show you my tattoo
[Talks … “Oh … Where’s it gone?”]
I wrote a book for US kids to study while at school
It’s full of nonsense tales of course
What do you all expect?
But it made me very wealthy
As a liar I’m the best

At Auschwitz they burned babies
Though the water table’s high
Fred Leuchter’s work on ditches, well it made me almost cry
Treblinka was a another one
There was no funeral pyre
And I cannot speak Hungarian
But oh boy can I lie

Tell us another
Come on my brother …. [Repeats, see above]

History repeats itself
No limit to our wealth
Thanks to your debt
We’re bleeding you dry
We control your media
Control of your books and TV
With the daily lies we feed you
Suffering victimisation
Sheeple have no realisation
You shall pay
All the way
Until the break of day

My name is Otto Frank and my daughter’s name is Anne
The poor girl died of typhus at Bergen-Belsen camp
She wrote an introduction
To her famous diary
But the rest was penned by Levin
And then publishèd by me

Two thousand and sixteen the copyright came to an end
The Anne Frank Trust decided once again the rules to bend
We truly had no choice although
The whole thing really stank
But the book now has two authors
Yes they’re Anne and Otto Frank.

Tell me another
Come on my brother …. [Repeats, see above]

Bank notes let’s print some more
We love to see you poor
Let’s start a war
Our pockets to line
There is no more doubting
Every nation’s debt is mounting
While the bankers keep on counting
Pension fund has now gone awol
Nothing left upon your table
You must pay
Night and day
Until the end of time


“History repeats itself; No limit to our wealth” – On this passage Chabloz said that Jews are overrepresented in the media and in Parliament; she was attacking “powerful and influential people  who are pulling strings in our society to the detriment of the country and the world”.

The Judge had to warn three times that he would clear the public gallery, due to barracking and cheering from Chabloz’s supporters.

The Judge said he would take written and final oral submissions from Ms Robinson and Ms Chabloz’s barrister, Adrian Davies, on May 14 and would give his verdict on May 25.

[1] Cyanide residue has been identified in both the delousing chambers and the gas chambers

Addendum: Here’s the Mail’s report

Apartheid Week in the Snow

An imperviousness to G-d’s intervention in history plagues our generation.  A series of wondrous events has, and continues to take place before us. Yet blind eyes fail to see the hand of God, and deaf ears fail to hear the Divine call guiding history.

Does anyone seriously think that the coincidence of ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ in the UK with a snap of Arctic weather and transport disruption was pure chance?  And no, we do not control the weather …

‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is an antisemitic outrage. There is no ‘apartheid’ in Israel. In April 2000 Nelson Mandela came to London and spoke to the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He spoke of the need for Israel to leave the lands taken in 1967 but not unless there was first recognition of the Jewish State by the Arab States: “I added a second position, that Israel cannot be expected to withdraw from the Arab territories which she legitimately conquered when the Arab States wanted to whip her out of the map of the world.” No mention of ‘apartheid’ in Israel – from a man who spent 27 years as a prisoner of the loathsome apartheid regime in South Africa.

In 2017 it was noticeable that ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ events became much harder to organise, thanks to tougher scheduling demands by Vice Chancellors and to the government’s adoption of the IHRA Definition of antisemitism.  This year the number of events has plummeted further still. Only 11 UK universities staged events, versus ‘more than 30’ last year. However 11 is still 11 too many. Moreover the organisers have started to ban non-students attending – even at events advertised as ‘open to all’ – while allowing *selected* non-students to attend. To hold Israel hatefests in secret at publicly funded universities is completely unacceptable.

apartheid week 2018

I attended the final SOAS Apartheid Week event on 2 March. The title of the SOAS event was ‘Law and Colonialism in Palestine’.  There were two speakers: Dr Mazen Masri (Senior Lecturer in law at City University) and Dr Nimer Sultany (Senior Lecturer in Public Law at SOAS). Around 60 students were in the room.  It was a depressing presentation by two HICs (‘Hate Israel Clones’). HICspeak ran free: ‘settler colonial’, ‘apartheid’, ‘ethnic cleansing’………….

Masri spoke first. He said that “there has been a trend which has increased over the past decade for incitement and racism on the part of the state but also on the part of individuals, organisations which … basically part of their mandate is to promote racism or to promote the expulsion or … giving Palestinians incentives to leave… Israel is constitutionally defined as a Jewish State.

The fact is that Israel’s Declaration of Independence protects the right of non-Jews:

The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

The idea that there is an officially sponsored or inspired programme to expel non-Jews from Israel is laughable.

Then Sultany spoke. He spoke about the ‘role of law’ in the ‘occupation’. He mentioned checkpoints, home demolitions and extra-judicial execution. Without of course mentioning why the checkpoints are necessary (to save life); how it is wrong to demolish homes built without planning permission; and how extra-judicial killing is wrong when done in order to save life. He went on to describe the expulsion to Lebanon of over 400 Palestinians from Gaza and Judea/Samaria in 1992 – without of course telling the audience that they were terrorist suspects and that – preceding the expulsions – four Israeli soldiers and a border policemen were murdered by terrorists.

And so on …. Falsehoods and libels from academia’s HICs……


MEMO Conference on Jerusalem (London, 3 March)

Ben White was unwell, he was replaced by Kamel Hawwash, PSC Deputy Chair

Utterly predictably this was an Israel Hatefest.

Some Choice Quotes:

Ghada Karmi:Never never did my parents envisage in a million years – in their worst nightmare – that their city would become what it is today – where Arabs form a 30% minority, where the Jewish presence is pervasive and oppressive – where 200,000 Jewish settlers live in a much expanded – artificially expanded – City – 86% of the land is held by Jews – and this is an ongoing project.

Imagine if someone called the influx of Muslims or Blacks into the UK ‘pervasive and oppressive’ – not to mention that many Jewish immigrants to Israel have been fleeing oppression themselves!

Manuel Hassassian:Israel has nothing in the Old City. There’s the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and it’s only what they claim is the Wailing Wall”

Ahmad Tibi: “Christians are praying in their church, Muslims in their mosque and Jews in synagogue.  But not inside the Mosque – the Al Aqsa Mosque! This is the most provocative thing for Palestinians and Muslims and even for Christians in Jerusalem! ….. Israel shot Palestinians in the Al Aqsa Mosque”

Truth: On September 29 2000, at least four Palestinian youths died when Israeli police, using rubber-coated steel bullets, fired on them as they hurled stones down upon Jews praying at the Old City’s Western Wall.

Dr Nasharudin Mat Isa (Chair and CEO of the ‘Global Movements of Moderates Foundation’; former member of Malaysian Parliament): “Yes we need to educate the public about the Holocaust  – Yes we are against genocide but the level of treatment is not balanced versus other issues, related to Palestine for example”

Example of Holocaust relativism.

Listen to this charmer we met between sessions. Antisemites are attracted to these events like bees to a honeypot. He says “the BBC is in the pockets of Israel .. the people at the top of the BBC are all lining the pockets of Israel or are Israelis themselves”.  Then he singles out two Jewish MPs for abuse, Robert Halfon and Louise Ellman.  He thinks Theresa May is in the pocket of the Israelis, too! (“There are lots of financial deals that have gone on between her and Netanyahu when he came for the Balfour celebration”). He thinks Israel ‘has a finger’ in other TV Channels too: “They’re probably working on Al Jazeera”. The Federal Reserve Board may also be controlled by Israel because “I know that Trump had a massive loan for his election campaign”. He thinks Twitter may also be run by Israel. Finally his piece de resistance: “The Israeli ideology is Nazi

Addendum – More on Tibi’s ‘misrepresentation’ …….


Apartheid at ‘Israel Apartheid Week’

I had a ticket for this event at Kings College London

kcl advert

kcl ticket

kcl all welcome


I arrived at Kings College London, was given a Visitor’s Pass and made my way to the Room, Room –S106 in the basement. But then I was asked to leave by this woman, who refused to give her name.
kcl woman

She had already called two security officers. I left quietly, I had no intention of giving the Israel haters the satisfaction of photos of me being forcibly taken out.

‘Open To All’ is simply a lie. The organisers simply make a list of external attendees whom they want. The security desk is supposed to check visitors off against that list. I saw it. Rivka Barnard (the hardcore anti-Israel activist at ‘War On Want’) was on it.

Questions for Prof Edward Byrne, Principal of Kings:

1. This was a public meeting ‘open to all’. By what right was I asked to leave? Do you see the sick irony of an ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ event excluding a  Jew?

2. ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is deeply distressing to the vast majority of Jews. There is no ‘apartheid’ in Israel. The hosting of events with this title violates your Equality and Diversity Statement. Please give me your undertaking that there will be no more ‘Israel Apartheid’ events on your campus.

3. Please supply a recording of the event so that the antisemitic content can be freely analysed and publicised.