Medieval Antisemitism in Grosvenor Square

In the previous blog on this site I reported on how Glyn Secker (Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour) and Mike Cushman (Chair, Free Speech on Israel) fomented antisemitism at a Muslim rally in London on Saturday (6 January 2018; meeting hosted by Sultan Bahu Centre, Alum Rock, Birmingham).

fsoi dec 17 3.JPG

Some of the speeches at that rally were in Urdu. One can be heard in this video (captured by Campaign4Truth). The speaker (the name is indistinct, it’s ‘Professor Ekramul ….’ possibly  ‘Haque’) is introduced at 8:38, he begins speaking at 9:15 and it runs to 10:59.

Here is a rough translation of what he said (thanks to Shadman Zaman for translating):

“Judaism was supposed to be the religion to claim justice in the world. But they didn’t do that. But they incited violence and unrest. In places where there was only peace, they only created violence. They have forgotten their own history.  Now they do not even realise what kind of torture they are doing to the Palestinians. They are raping Palestinian women. They are killing Palestinian children in front of their mothers. And now they’re doing the biggest injustice. Jerusalem which is the right of Palestinians.  Baytul Muqaddas (‘Holy place’, the phrase for the Temple Mount) which is the right of Palestinians, now they are taking it over.  They must realise that now the Muslim world is very anxious.  Once the Muslim world becomes united, the Jews will have no place to go.  So the Jews had better realise their mistakes.”

Lies and open Jew hatred in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, London.  Inciting hatred on the part of the approximately 300 Muslims listening (they had travelled from the West Midlands and the North for the rally).  With many children present.

demo jan18 children

Children at the rally

How can this medieval antisemitism be allowed on the streets of London?